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111-Year-Old U.S. Veteran Reveals 2 Secrets To His Old Age…And 1 Will Surprise You

Richard Overton isn’t your average man who developed pneumonia and recovered.

He isn’t your average veteran who served in the armed forces.

Richard Overton just turned 111 years old…and there’s absolutely nothing “average” about that.

Here is the nation’s oldest surviving veteran, who served in the Pacific Theater between 1942 and 1945; he was part of the all-black 1887th Engineer Aviation Battalion, and he has lived quite the life since.

Overton has met with presidents, had a monument built in his honor, and there’s even a street named after him now.

The guy just beat pneumonia, too.

What’s the secret to his success? Well, here’s part of the story, as cited by Independent Journal Review:

More recently, the veteran was diagnosed with pneumonia and was taken to the hospital.

Overton was rushed to St. David’s Medical Center on Friday afternoon after his temperature reached 102 degrees.

While family members feared the worst for Overton, they received good news Monday afternoon.

In honor of his 111th birthday, the city of Austin decided to surprise Overton when he returned home from the ordeal at the hospital.

They changed the name of the street he lived on from Hamilton Avenue to Overton Avenue.

How has this man defied Father Time? According to Overton, two things:

One is God and going to church every Sunday since he was a kid. Two is his cigars, twelve a day since he was eighteen.

Unusual, yes. But then again, so is reaching 111 years old.

Who knows what combination of factors will allow us to soldier on (pun intended)?

Source: Independent Journal Review

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