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This 4-Year-Old Dies Of Epilepsy, Then His Mother Is HORRIFIED To See What Happens To His Grave…

There isn’t anything more devastating and painful than to lose a child.

Sometimes, for reasons we cannot imagine or comprehend, a child dies young and there is nothing a parent can do but to commiserate with others who have suffered similar losses.

Then, at some point, the pain (hopefully) stops being completely unbearable.

I once asked a woman who had lost her son how she dealt with it, having had three very young ones of my own at that point.  She told me that one day she realized that her son had saved her life and her marriage.

She believed her son was an angel and had saved her and her husband often enough to know that he was still looking out for them.

It reminds us of the story of the little boy who saw his father, one year after he’d been murdered. Our loved ones are still out there, looking out for us…even if that’s difficult to accept.

Recently, another mother lost her son.

Max Corbett-Gardener was only 4 when he passed away of complications from severe epilepsy.  His mother, heartbroken and distraught, saved up money for several years after Max passed away.  In the end, she had saved enough money to purchase a headstone for her son’s grave.


His mother, Jo Corbett-Weeks, scraped and saved for nearly three years to get an almost $5,000 specially-made headstone of a teddy bear holding a star inscribed with a heart touching tribute to her son.

On what would have been Max’s seventh birthday, back in 2015, Jo had the headstone installed as a special present to him.

But just three days later, Jo returned to find the headstone removed from Max’s grave.

Jo had chosen a star-shaped stone and, unknown to her, the stonemason had been ordered by the cemetery to remove it.

According to the report, another family that had members also buried in the same burial grounds objected to the shape of the said it wasn’t “in keeping with their family’s plot.”

The SHAPE. They had a problem with the damn SHAPE.

The graveyard owners opted to remove the stone rather than be involved in a protracted legal battle.  Since, Max’s mother has begun a petition to fight for the reinstallment of the stone, but so far, it has not been accomplished.

The petition has already garnered some 54K signatures with more added every day.

Hopefully, wiser people will step in to remedy this awful situation.  No one who loses a child should ever have to deal with this.

Source:  The Tribunist

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