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VIDEO: ABC Host ATTACKS Ann Coulter On Live TV…She INSTANTLY Makes Him Regret It!

“Everyone is entitled to my opinion,” David Brinkley once said those words.

Today they sound more like what Barack Obama would say.

Regardless, it is true that opinions are in good supply in this country. Everyone has one and will happily announce said opinion with fervor.

Except, of course, if that opinion happens to be a Conservative or Christian point of view. Then, it’s “Houston, we have a problem!” Antifa thugs will show up out of nowhere and punch you.

The First Amendment remains a very hot topic of conversation and thankfully, we do have some people who respect that Amendment.

Ann Coulter, noted Conservative commentator and author, was on ABC yesterday and speaking to the host about her recent dust-up with UC-Berkeley.

Western Journalism:

On ABC’s This Week, host Jonathan Karl lectured Coulter about her track record of incendiary comments and said she should not have been surprised that a speech Coulter was scheduled to give at the University of California at Berkeley was canceled.

‘And then there was the tweet that you put out just the day before the election, saying, ‘If only people with at least four grandparents born in America were voting, Trump would win in a 50-state landslide,” Karl said.

“OK. Let’s just take that one. We can go through all the greatest hits of much of my commentary.

I watch roughly 24 hours a day, the Hispanic vote, the Hispanic vote, the Hispanic vote, how the – how the, you know, the browning of America and how are African-Americans voting.

How are women voting. I describe one demographic and say how it would come out. And that’s hate speech?” she said.

At one point, she actually asked Karl if he thought he was smarter than the Founding Fathers, that speech you hate to hear is not the same as hate speech.

Robert Reich, former Bill Clinton cabinet member, surprised Coulter as he agreed with her assessment of schools and went on with this comment:

“I do believe in the First Amendment, and I will fight for her right to say what she wants to say. 

The First Amendment is, and freedom of speech, is the cornerstone of our democracy.  And, whether it’s college campuses or somebody burning a flag or it’s the – newspapers having a right they want, we cannot toy around with the First Amendment. 

It is absolutely critical.'”

Now, if only I believed him…

Source:  Western Journalism

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