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PATHETIC: ACLU Freaks Out, Declares WAR On Indiana Town…You Won’t Believe Why!

It’s that time of year again.

You know, when the Christmas lights come out, the eggnog makes its rounds, the stores stay open later and the reason for the season, the recognized birthday of Jesus Christ, takes priority in Christians’ minds around the country.

And oh yes, it’s the time of season for something else, as well…something hardly so festive or amusing.

But it’s been a fixture at recent Christmases – the sort of Scrooge of the legal world, the Grinch of the country.

Once again, Breitbart finds, “the American Civil Liberties Union is taking aim at one small Indiana town’s Christmas tree.”


The Indianapolis chapter of the civil rights law firm is suing Knightstown over its traditional Christmas tree because of the lighted cross that stands on the top branch, Fox News said.

The suit, like so many others involving the ACLU and public displays of the Christian cross, came after years of showcasing the same display with zero complaints. Suddenly, someone complained. And now the ACLU has stepped in to demand the town abide the separation of church and state standard – a standard that’s not actually in the Constitution but instead derived from a letter from Thomas Jefferson to a Baptist church, and since been cited in court cases to restrict public displays of religious artifacts.

But really, the whole suit started because one guy complained.

“The ACLU says in the lawsuit that Joseph Tompkins takes issue with the cross because it violates the separation of church and state,” Breitbart reported. “The lawsuit … says he has been ‘forced to come into unwelcome contact’ with the display, causing him ‘irreparable harm.'”

Tompkins says the town has to take down the cross and pay him monetary damages.

Sources: Breitbart, Fox 59 Indianapolis

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