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Activist Calls Trump A White Supremacist…And Tucker Carlson Absolutely Destroys Him! [WATCH]

Fox News host Tucker Carlson just engaged in a fiery back-and-forth with one of his guests, a guy by the name of Tariq Nasheed.

And what was the topic of discussion?

One that has dominated mainstream media for months now, due in large part to Donald Trump and the absolute insistence of the political left to paint him as a racist, a bigot and a discriminatory circus clown with tight ties to the neo-Nazi regime.

Ridiculous, we know, but the discussion continues, and it reared again on Carlson’s show – the whole debate about “white supremacy” and where America now stands on the matter, Independent Journal Review reported.

But Carlson didn’t just bow down, tuck his tail and let his guest meander in nonsensical and accusatory fashion. Rather, he fought back and raised facts – and in the end, the interview proved quite interesting.

“Carlson surprised Tariq by reading passages from his own book, ‘The Art of Mackin,IJR reported.

Well, as Carlson said, the Daily Caller recounted, in IJR’s story:

“I was just reading it today, it’s interesting stuff. Chapter Six: Guaranteed Ways to Get Sex From Women.”

Carlson then went on to quote from the book, pausing as he read such tidbits as-

You say, ‘The number one lame thing men say to get sex? I love you.’ You describe this as the ‘bold lie approach.’ And then you say this, ‘If a woman isn’t ready for sex you 1) question her maturity 2) minimize the significance of sex and 3) tell her what you want to hear.”

As Carlson noted: This sounds suspiciously as if Tariq were counseling men to lie to get what they want.

And Tariq’s response?

Clearly, he wasn’t happy at having his own words thrown in his face. First, he claimed his statements were satire, and then he decided to scold Carlson. Isn’t it sad how, when the argument is clearly lost, liberals resort to base attacks and insults?

It really is the behavior of petulant 8-year-olds and the shocking part is they’re not embarrassed by it…hell, they don’t even SEE it.

Source: Independent Journal Review

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