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Clueless Actress Defends ISIS Pigs – Enraged Fans Make Her INSTANTLY Regret It

When will they learn they’re not infallible deities?

Celebrities incessantly bash President Donald Trump and say insanely idiotic things about this nation’s enemies, and Americans are getting very, very tired of it.

Sometimes, we get lucky and another celebrity steps up and becomes the voice of reason. But it’s rare.

Over and over, we are treated to a bevy of actors who believe they’re are smarter than everyone else, and they should be politicians or ambassadors. They believe terrorism should be treated with hugs.

But it’s easy for them to be judgmental, right? They are earning 100 times the amount of money we’re earning and consider us idiots. They HAVE to be better than all of us!

The only problem is when one of them says something SO stupid, it’s hard to ignore. Even their fans start firing back.

Western Journalism:

An actress who called for “compassion” toward ISIS after last week’s use of America’s largest non-nuclear bomb against fighters for the terrorist group in Afghanistan learned this weekend how far she was from mainstream America.

The fuss began when director John Fox criticized the decision to use the massive weapon.

Conservative commentator and Townhall editor Katie Pavlich sought to put Fox in his place.

That brought actress Alyssa Milano out of the woodwork to fire back her response.

And here’s the EPIC reply:

Many other people on Twitter decided to chime in and well, it didn’t go well for Alyssa.

Gotta love that last one.

It’s very unfortunate for actors who get into the business early, because they always see things through the yellow-colored glasses of Liberalism.

For normal people, the teenage need for Leftism disappears by the time they reach twenty. For actors, they remain in a perpetual childlike state where common sense and reality blur and Leftism is there to bail them out.

At least some common-sense Americans stepped up to set Milano straight. That’s something, right?

Source: Western Journalism

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