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Former Adviser Stabs Obama In The Back, Exposes Barack’s Worst Failure

Former president Barack Obama’s eight years was marred with missteps, oversights, and even criminal activity.

Failure is a word we’re not supposed to associate with Obama, as doing so instantly relegates you to the crowd of drooling, racist bigots who must be silenced at all costs.

The liberal regime won’t tolerate dissension and if you dare to speak ill of one of their heroes, they won’t merely disagree; they’ll eviscerate you with a vicious hostility typically reserved for psychologically damaged lunatics.

It has become the American way: Free speech…provided you agree with the Leftist narrative.

The undercurrent of fascism has never been stronger among liberals, which is why it’s always dangerous to say people like Obama “failed” at anything.

But even rabid Leftists have to take note of a former confidante using that very word in relation to the country’s previous president.

Former National Security Adviser Susan Rice just told CNN (as cited by the Washington Examiner) that in fact, one of Obama’s biggest failures may have put the U.S. in a very tenuous position.

This relates to the increasingly unstable North Korea and Obama’s failure to stop the Communist country from building nuclear weapons. Said Rice:

“You can call it a failure. I accept that characterization of the efforts of the United States over the last two decades.”

Rice was Obama’s top national security adviser between 2013 and 2017 and though she said no other administration has managed to curtail North Korea’s actions, she made it plain Obama did little to help.

The fact of the matter is, that despite all of those efforts, the North Korean regime has been able to succeed in progressing with its program, both nuclear and missile.

That’s a very unfortunate outcome. But we are where we are.

Of course, Rice wrote a commentary published this past week, which was unsurprisingly published in The New York Times, about how current President Donald Trump should take a step back from his fiery position.

History shows that we can, if we must, tolerate nuclear weapons in North Korea — the same way we tolerated the far greater threat of thousands of Soviet nuclear weapons during the Cold War.

It will require being pragmatic.


One problem with that, Susan: At this point, comparing the Soviet Union to North Korea is like comparing apples and oranges. Kim Jong-Un is clearly unstable and he has no clue what “pragmatic” means.

Why do liberals insist on proving they know next to nothing about world affairs, and further insist on jamming their Kumbaya method down every world leader’s throat…even the ones that laugh when you try?

At any rate, it’s funny how so many former Obama staffers have been willing to speak out against Barack this year.

What’s THAT prove, Leftists?

Sources: Breitbart, Washington Examiner

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