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Alyssa Milano Accused Trump Of Not Paying Taxes – Turns Out She Didn’t Pay HER Taxes

Looks like Alyssa Milano is at it again!

Not long ago, she got into a very big Twitter argument with a bunch of people after accusing them of being warmongers.

In the tweets, she urged people to show “compassion” to the ISIS murderers. The twitterstorm began and never abated, and she definitely lost plenty of fans in that debacle.

She was also a big NeverTrumper girl who demanded that he release his tax returns.

It’s just too bad she wasn’t focused on her own taxes.

Bizpac Review:

“Actress Alyssa Milano is broke as a joke and didn’t pay her taxes. And like a true liberal, she says it’s all someone else’s fault.

Milano made the stunning revelations in a $10 million lawsuit she filed in Los Angeles against her former business manager, Kenneth Hellie and his firm Hellie, Hoffer & Co.

Because of Helli’s alleged negligence, Milano says she failed to pay her income taxes for 2013 and 2014; didn’t make mortgage payments on her West Hollywood condo; lost millions on a failed home renovation project, and neglected to pay her employees’ taxes.

Milano alleges that her financial woes began with a ‘home improvement debacle.’ Milano says Hellie’s poor oversight of the remodeling job caused costs to spiral.

She ended up spending $5 million, though the home is worth no more than $3 million.

Milano says her employees also complained of late payments, and that Hellie failed to pay her employees’ taxes.

It’s shocking that Milano was not aware she didn’t pay her taxes, especially since she’s a 44-year-old mom of two who has been working since she was a child.

Moreover, her husband is an agent at Creative Artists Agency, one of the world’s top talent agencies. Between the two of them, someone should have asked, “Hey honey, did I pay my taxes this year?”

When it comes to acting, you’re told exactly what to say and when to say it.  Lines in a script.

When it comes to thinking, well, let’s just say that most actors are actors for a reason.

Source:  Bizpac Review

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