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Smug America-Hating Illegal Thinks He Can Break The Law, Then Cops Nail Him With 103 COUNTS OF…

One day it’s unity and the next it’s “F**k Trump!”

I really wish Liberals would just make up their minds.

It seems like the farther down the road to diversity we go, the more we’re divided by the very people who keep screaming at us to integrate.

Leftists want to scrawl whatever obscene language and sayings they like on every public access venue, regardless of how much property is destroyed in the process. They call it “freedom of expression.”

At the same time, they want everyone who disagrees with them to shut their traps. The “party of tolerance” is essentially telling all the “deplorables” to “sit at the back of the bus and be quiet.”

Like when CNN jumped down the throat of a Navy SEAL who dared to question their reporting ability. “Be quiet, you don’t know what you’re talking about!”

But this vandal should be allowed to deface public property…?

The Daily Mail:

“A former University of Connecticut student has been arrested after vandalizing several buildings around campus.

Eric Cruz-Lopez, 21, was charged with 103 counts of criminal mischief.

Police caught him after a three-month investigation into incidents of vandalism from December 2016 to March 2017. 

Cruz-Lopez was seen entering and leaving areas around the time when the vandalism was reported to occur, police said.

The word ‘PEST’ was written with a paint pen in most of the instances. Sometimes the graffiti said ‘F*** Trump’ or there was a cartoon face with the same words in a bubble.


In total, the damage amounted to more than $4,200. Some of the events happened in the Student Union, the Dodd Center and the Homer Babbage Library.”

No word about whether Senor Cruz-Lopez will be facing deportation proceedings.

But if he’s in Connecticut, I’m going to say there will never be any word on that. Like California, illegal aliens have long since swarmed public schools in CT, and with zero consequences thus far.

I will assume that his June 14th court date will be a no-show; the governor has all but declared the entire state a sanctuary haven for aliens.

In a few days, it’ll be like the crime never happened.

Sources:  The Daily Mail, Hartford Courant

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