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Eruption: America Drops Devastating H-BOMB On Liberal Media…Congress Called To Action!

Remember when people used to pay Don Rickles to insult them in the audience?

It was funny and it was a great night out. Imagine, though, if the comedian was NPR and the government was forcing you to pay for those insults.

Well, that’s the reality in America today!

Leftists everywhere herald NPR as a “thoughtful, well-researched and nuanced” radio program, akin to the NY Times and Newsweek. But do we really need more insults masquerading as taxes in the name of progress?

In light of Donald Trump’s election victory, many important issues have been brought to the table of American politics, including the fate of the European Union, globalization, the world economy, terrorism, Obamacare, racism, war in the Middle East, moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem, unemployment, voter fraud, etc.

And yet, we just get fake news from major news outlets and their lies continue to be exposed on a daily basis.

The Mainstream Media has also picked up on several pet issues that are more geared toward a lingering doubt on the Left of the election results themselves, preferring to push more dubious subject matter which included the Jill Stein/Hillary Clinton effort to initiate a recount in several States, an anti-Electoral College narrative (one that completely fails to present historical content demonstrating an actual need for the process) as well as a recent obsession with so-called “Fake News” and “Alternative Facts”.

In addition, these same outfits are trumpeting the “Kremlin Effect”; the insinuation that the Russians are behind everything from Trump’s unlikely victory to the poisoning of Hillary Clinton on 9/11.

In the wake of this MSM feeding frenzy, it seems somewhat appropriate to have resurrected an issue of the past that has been plaguing the Right for decades: the specter of National Public Radio and its taxpayer funded status.

This has been a hot button issue since the Contract With America days, when an emboldened GOP, after having retaken control of Congress in 1994 (following being pigeonholed as a minority party for nearly 40 years) decided to broach the delicate subject of ending public endowment of the CPB (Corporation for Public Broadcasting) which distributes public funds to both PBS and NPR.

The ensuing panic-stricken reaction by the Left should have been expected. One of the most memorable arguments against this measure was that the Republicans were trying to “kill Big Bird!” Since then, that tagline has resurfaced in several different incarnations.

Efforts to remove (or even mildly reduce) any funding for any program at all that happens to be near-and-dear to the hearts of Liberals is always fraught with political danger (as well as a good deal of spittle-laden expletives) but when the American serf is continuously squeezed for more blood than it can yield, limits must be placed upon such seizure.

While Americans struggle to balance a family budget at home and in their small businesses, Big Bird continues to drive his Volt from Sesame Street to Easy Street.

The suggestion here, however, is not to end funding for PBS, but rather for NPR.

According to its original charter in 1970, NPR was to be radio’s counterpart to PBS, with the one major difference between the two: that NPR would have the ability to produce its own programs.

This ability left wide open the door to political activism which NPR uses quite brilliantly.

One of its banner programs, “Left, Right and Center”, is a perfect example of political activism left unfettered to the point where it should be rightly titled, “Left, Left and Center Left.” A recent Breitbart article highlighted an Ombudsman/Public Editor Elizabeth Jensen memo which suggested that live interviews should no longer be conducted for Conservatives in light of a November 16th broadcast with Joel B. Pollak, wherein he defended Stephen K. Bannon against “White nationalist” controversial viewpoints.

The host apparently had allowed Pollak to take the reins of the chat for far too long and this was unacceptable (since this article’s writing, NPR’s Michael Oreskes has denied that this practice will be adopted).

That being said, it is quite easy to pinpoint the massively Progressive bias on NPR at any given moment of its broadcast day.

The most egregious, glaring examples are too often broadcast in the wee hours of the night here in Alaska, where public radio is a staple to many who simply do not have access to varied radio frequencies (Ketchikan has 5 clear FM stations – Oldies, Contemporary, Country, and 2 Religious, the Contemporary being dually utilized by NPR).

In the last two days, for instance, NPR’s news update at the top of every hour announced that home mortgage rates have suddenly (and – gasp – unexpectedly) skyrocketed in the month of December? They actually attributed this “skyrocketing” to two things: the threat of de-regulation and the cutting of taxes!

That’s right. It’s all Donald Trump’s fault. We had a perfectly wonderful and rosy real estate situation in this country for eight years and then…out of nowhere…SOMEBODY cut taxes and de-regulated the crap out of the housing market and now mortgage rates are OUT OF CONTROL!

They also, just today (Friday) said that Wall Street was in dire straits today as the Dow dipped by…7 POINTS! Everybody run for cover! …you know, despite the $2 TRILLION stock market growth since Trump’s election.

You can turn on NPR on any given day and you will be treated to subjects ranging from the significance of rap music in society, to the LBGTQ community and its struggles with ignoramuses like us, to Climate Change, to women’s issues, to minorities and how we (as privileged White people) keep them down, to how terribly stupid Republicans are.

In an effort to quell talk of defunding in the recent past, NPR has noted that it is less-funded by the government (i.e., taxpayers) than it is by private donations; yet this belies the fact that NPR is on-track to receiving between 5-6 billion dollars (with a “B”) over the next 10 years.

There is one clue to this mystery of funding: if NPR is more generously funded by private donations (and can fully survive based on these alone, according to a 2012 statement by NPR) why then the completely unhinged hysteria surrounding a defunding effort?

One of the biggest problems in the past has been chutzpah. Or lack thereof.

Members of the Washington Establishment have been heretofore unwilling to approach this subject due to fear of a voter backlash. Many of the elitists in the D.C. bubble were completely unaware of the building pressure of anger and frustration in the unwashed masses across this nation.

Flyover States and the rural south were shaking their fists in outrage when politicians on the Right continued to list Liberal talking points as their reasons for not attacking Leftist ideals and positions. Those on the Right who aspired to be praised in the MSM as “hands-across-the-aisle mavericks” were only too enabling of this narrative and lacked a proper perspective to combat the actual “fake news.”

The result was a mass awakening of the sleeping dragon.

Donald Trump’s election should be the chyron that alerts Republicans in Congress to the truth of this victory: the People do not want compromise, they do not want to hold hands, they do not want excuses, and they certainly do not want spineless waffling.

The People want action and they want it now. The last election’s message was loud and clear and rings still, even weeks later. And for the most part, The People do NOT believe leftist propaganda.

Still, NPR chooses to embrace a Leftwing ideology, even though it receives (and gladly accepts) taxpayer money. The masses are fed-up and weary of the constant drumbeat about how they are racist, bigoted, homophobic, misogynist, intolerant, Islamophobic white nationalists.

Time to end the Gravy Train.

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