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Should America Help Pay For Trump’s Wall? [Click The Picture To Vote]

If you hadn’t already heard, Donald Trump has confirmed that he is dead set on building that oft-disputed wall.

Beefing up security to stop the insane illegal immigration problems this country has had is Priority #1 for many Americans. And it’s probably #2 on Trump’s large list, who likely puts the Obamacare overhaul at #1.

However, some citizens are a little miffed at the idea of ponying up the cash to get the wall started. Trump wants Congress to set aside some funds to get us started, though he insists Mexico will have to pay their share when the times comes. Or, perhaps Mexico will ultimately have to pay for it all.

Either way, it’s starting to become a sticky situation.

While we all want to see an end to the constant border issues, and illegal immigrants from Mexico continue to be a serious problem, how much money are we willing to shell out? After all, is this not, at its core, a problem Mexico should address? Isn’t there a reason Mexicans keep running away from there?

Obviously, the long-term solution involves not handing over the freakin’ world to illegal immigrants. You know, not giving them free healthcare, a driver’s license and just about anything else they want, simply because they ran fast enough.

But enough blather; what do you say? Should America start paying for the wall, just to get it up ASAP? Or should Mexico simply pay for it all immediately? …if they even can?

Vote now and discuss!

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