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Exposed: America Drops MASSIVE Truth Bomb On Obama…Legacy Obliterated!

The leftists in politics and media will tell you that President Obama left office with the highest approval ratings ever, representing the love of the American people.

But numbers tell a somewhat different story. Like, a REALLY different story.

Seriously, how could it be otherwise? The scandals have been breaking all over the place in the past six weeks: Obama conspiring with Palestine in the ultimate Israeli backstab, for example. He earned millions of enemies with that sick move.

Or how about the BILLIONS of dollars that disappeared in Iran? Wasn’t there also something about 130-some-odd tons of uranium that Obama signed off on…?

Yeah, so Obama’s favor with the American public is not all that much to brag about, as the latest numbers prove:

“President Barack Obama had an average approval rating of 47.9 percent during his time in office, according to the Gallup poll,” CNS News reported. “That puts him behind Richard Nixon, who resigned and George W. Bush, who saw his approval rating drop as low as 25 percent near the end of his term.”

Frankly, Obama’s barely missed.

“It puts him ahead of only Gerald Ford (47.2 percent), Jimmy Carter (45.5 percent) and Harry Truman (45.4 percent),” the news outlet went on.

Boy, that’s a far cry from what mainstream media sells, isn’t it? To listen to MSNBC or even CNN, Obama is leaving behind a legacy of adoration – where voters adored him, not the other way around – that’s been nearly unmatched in modern times.

And what’s interesting is that the media, no matter what the poll numbers say, will always make it appear as if the Democratic president is much more loved and missed than the Republican. The way mainstream media tells it, Ronald Reagan is a failure in the memories of the U.S. voter, yet Bill Clinton is the all-time favorite.

Just watch; Obama’s favor with the American people will only continue to grow as the time of his exit grows longer. Donald Trump, meanwhile? Expect his favor to fall hard and fast in the coming months, which is precisely why White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus said the liberal media has been working hard to “legitimize” Trump’s presidency.

He’s right, of course.

It wouldn’t be too surprising at all if Obama’s favor stood around 60-to-70 percent by the end of the year and Trump’s, around 30 percent…if you ask a mainstream media member, that is.

Source: CNS News, Gallup Poll

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