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‘Angel Mom’ Just Delivered The Most Patriotic Message You’ll Ever Hear – Stand And Applaud!

Unlike many RINOs in Congress and unlike the hordes of Progressives, I believe one thing:

There is absolutely no reason for us to keep pretending that Liberals are friends to the oppressed, the poverty-stricken, the working class, the abused, the underprivileged, the minorities, or the bullied.

It isn’t true. In fact, Republican President Donald Trump has proven time and again that he’s far more down-to-earth than any liberal (like Obama) ever thought of being.

In fact, I truly believe Liberals are enemies of the State; un-American Fascists who would like nothing better than to take over the country and destroy the Constitution.

Through all this faux-caring, Leftists always forget that all the people they pretend to fight for are the EXACT people they’re oppressing.

Patriotic guys like Sheriff Clarke have often exposed the libs for being exactly what they are, and once again, a new story arises to prove Democrat hypocrisy…and perfect Trump logic.


“Wednesday on Fox News Channel’s ‘Fox & Friends,’ the mother of a police officer who was killed by a drunk-driving illegal immigrant Mary Ann Mendoza reacted to Attorney General Jeff Sessions threats to cut grants for cities who don’t follow immigration law.

This is why I support Trump,’ she declared.

‘It’s almost like a war is being brought against Americans by these very elected officials.’

She continued, ‘These are illegal aliens who have invaded our country and illegal alien equals criminal. So don’t keep calling them immigrants and our immigrant communities because that isn’t what they are.

We have to defund sanctuary cities. We have to secure our border.’


If Democrats truly cared about people, it wouldn’t matter that the man killed was a cop.

What should matter is that the man was killed in the first place. What should matter is that the man who killed the police officer was here in this country, breaking the law, AND THAT HE WAS BREAKING THE LAW UNDER THE FULL CONSENT OF THE STATE BECAUSE SANCTUARY CITIES ARE ADVERTISING THEIR SUPPORT FOR VIOLATING SECTION 8 OF THE FEDERAL IMMIGRATION LAWS TO THE IMMIGRANTS THEMSELVES!

I fully accept and agree with East Chicago Sheriff Hodgson that those in charge of so-called sanctuary cities should be charged with violations of these federal statutes and, if found guilty, thrown into prison.

We can no longer live under the rules set up by our government where only some are following them.

Remember the lesson of George Orwell:

“All animals are equal…but some are more equal than others.”

Source: Breitbart

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