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Oh, PUKE – Another Freebie For Illegal Aliens, And This One Will REALLY Tick You Off

The entire issue of illegal immigration has been a revolt not only against the law, but against American traditions and even common sense.

After what Chicago did to ensure illegal aliens continue to drain millions from hard-working citizens, we have to assume liberals have completely lost their minds. It’s the only logical conclusion.

Unbelievably, it gets even worse than that.

But for the record, let’s say this: Immigrants – meaning those who came to this country legally with a desire to be part of America – have historically been a source of strength for nation.

That much is true. We still see areas of cities where immigrants came together as they remembered their home nations while ALSO being proud Americans.

That door is still open. What is also open, but should not be, is the opportunity for people to come here in violation of our immigration laws, especially those who have contempt for this nation, its laws, its culture, and who have no interest in becoming Americans other than to get benefits.

How many disgusting more scandals must we suffer? How long can we afford to look the other way?

Now, if welcoming those who break the law to enter this country isn’t bad enough, our liberal friends wish to extend the benefits of citizenship to these same illegal aliens. Via MSN:

[New York] State lawmakers approved $4 million in grants aimed at ensuring that every immigrant facing deportation in New York State is represented by an attorney.

The 2017-2018 budget sets aside funds to expand the New York Immigrant Family Unity Project (NYIFUP). NYIFUP currently provides counsel for immigrants facing deportation in New York City who can’t otherwise afford representation.”

Perhaps these folks should have thought about the possibility of being deported before they made the decision to essentially invade the U.S. Instead, the problem is transferred to the taxpayers of New York.



“Research by the Vera Institute indicates that detained immigrants have about a three percent chance of avoiding deportation without counsel, but that percentage increases 100 percent if they have legal representation.”


The object of this is clear: News of this program will certainly reach potential migrants and will encourage illegal immigration.

This fits in nicely with the goals of globalists like George Soros who have dedicated their lives and fortunes to the destruction of nation-states and their replacement by international governmental organizations.

In this case, following the money takes you directly to one explanation for the problem.

Good news? With Trump in office, illegal immigration is WAY down and if our president has his way, those numbers will continue to fall. And maybe then, finally, at long last, we can get this country back on track.

Sources: Louder with Crowder, MSN

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