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WATCH: Anti-America Punks Crash Trump Rally But Then – BOOM, PATRIOTIC JUSTICE!

If Hillary Clinton won the presidential election, it’s difficult to imagine Donald Trump supporters rioting in the streets and taking out their frustration on Leftist supporters.

It’s even harder to imagine Donald Trump instructing his supporters to continue to assault Clintonistas anywhere and everywhere they were encountered.

But hey, the “tolerant, peace-loving, open-minded” liberals are, in point of fact, above the law. They’re also vile, hostile, horrid individuals who act like they’re eight years old.

People on the Right are very different, in fact, from people on the Left.

Right wingers don’t believe in RACIAL JUSTICE, GENDER-BAITING, VIOLENT TANTRUMS, or PAYING PROTESTERS TO PRETEND TO BE OUTRAGED. Right wingers believe in justice for all, no matter your race, gender or religion.

They believe in Freedom of Speech. And they protest just so long as they are still going to work, not trampling anyone else’s rights or privacy, and only against something in which they are emotionally invested.

No amount of money can buy those types of protesters. Hear that, George Soros?

Recently, at a Make America Great Again march in support of Donald Trump, Hillary’s and Barack’s words of agitation came to fruition as black-masked America-despising thugs (obviously attempting to mimic ISIS marauders) attacked the marchers with pepper spray.

That was a massive error in judgment.

MAD World News:

“According to Daily Mail, the “Make America Great Again” march started around noon on Saturday at Bolsa Chica State Beach in Southern California and was peaceful until masked anti-Trump protesters showed up and assaulted several of the Trump supporters with pepper spray.

Fists started to fly immediately after the…assaults, and the footage of the masked thugs getting pounded before running from the outraged Trump supporters was a sight to behold.

One enormous difference between Saturday’s Trump rally and the tragic violent mess which took place in Berkeley just weeks ago is that the members of law enforcement who were present did an outstanding job of getting control of the situation and handling business.

Three of the anti-Trump agitators were arrested for suspected illegal use of pepper spray. One of them was painfully taken down by a k-9 after trying to run from police.

A huge thank you goes out to the law enforcement officers who did an amazing job in Southern California on Saturday.”

And once again, the HOGS Funding mechanism of Hillary, Obama and George Soros were instrumental in attempting to quash the free speech rights of American citizens.

This time, however, the joke was on Leftists.

We’re just sick and tired of seeing these insanely violent liberal nutjobs blindly assaulting people. It’s not only the single biggest example of political hypocrisy on earth, it just proves Trump followers RIGHT.

Of course, the libs just aren’t bright enough to see it.

Source: MAD World News, Daily Mail

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