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INSANE Anti-Trump College Students On A Rampage…You Won't Believe What's Happening!

Well, isn’t this special – millennials haven’t earned the nickname “snowflakes” for nothing.

The election of Donald Trump has sure sparked some interesting reactions from this age group, to say the least.

For instance, University of Michigan students who were supporting Hillary Clinton, or Bernie Sanders, or pretty much anyone who wasn’t Trump, actually acted as if someone had died when they found out who actually won the White House.

No, seriously.

“Students held an evening vigil on campus – to mourn the results,” the New York Times wrote, citing the first-hand experiences of one sophomore at the school. “[The student’s] biology teacher suspended class on the assumption … students would be too upset to focus.”

It’s gotten to the point where students who support Trump find they need “safe spaces” from those who oppose the president-elect – a little relief from the overdramatic pinings of the left.


Really? Does a Trump win even affect students at the cloistered University of Michigan that much – except maybe to afford them more economic and job opportunities than a lefty like Clinton would when they graduate?

But this is how the student body at campuses across America have been reacting of late.

“Students, faculty and administrators say they expect tension to get worse once the presidential baton is passed on Inauguration Day in January,” the New York Times reported.

Here’s another example of all the student angst over Trump, this time from Columbia.

“At Columbia, the provost … sent out an email on Nov. 21 that began, ‘The presidential election has prompted intense concern for the values we hold dear and for members of our community who are apprehensive about what the future holds,” the newspaper reported.

Hey John, how about this – how about you focus on preparing students for a future of work and self-reliance instead of fostering and enabling a needless mass fear among the youth?

Note to colleges: Conservatives aren’t the big bad wolves. Stop trying to set the stage for a graduating generation that can’t do anything but whine when they don’t get their way.

Source: New York Times

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