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BUSTED! Anti-Trump FAKE NEWS Conspiracy Exposed – Our President Is INNOCENT!

When the Washington Post first ran the breaking story, Democrats everywhere rejoiced.

This was their chance to take down President Donald Trump. This proved he doesn’t know what he’s doing, that he’s actually a danger to America.

But of course, liberals care little about facts.

Those facts just recently came to light and surprise surprise: The President didn’t do anything wrong.

From the start, Trump has said there is no collusion between himself and Russia. Democrats tried to prove the Russians helped Trump win the election, but that bid fell flat due to overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

And speaking of evidence, it makes sense to listen to Washington officials, doesn’t it?

Well, after the aforementioned story went ballistic online, we searched about for the truth. And we found it here:

…the report admits that it is ‘unlikely’ Trump broke any laws.

‘As president, Trump has broad authority to declassify government secrets, making it unlikely that his disclosures broke the law,’ the report said.

In addition, his national security adviser, who was at the meeting, told the Post nothing was shared that was not already publicly known.

At no time were any intelligence sources or methods discussed and no military operations were disclosed that were not already known publicly,’ said Army Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster.

McMaster later told reporters at the White House:

‘Two other senior officials who were present, including the secretary of state, remember the meeting the same way and have said so.


Their on-the-record accounts should outweigh those of anonymous sources. I was in the room, it didn’t happen.

Deputy National Security Advisor for Strategy Dinal Powell, who also attended the meeting, drove home the truth:

This story is false. The president only discussed the common threats that both countries faced.

There. How’s that, liberals?

How many times must such insanity be debunked? And why is it that the Left can’t seem to find another piece of ammunition?

Maybe it’s because he is the legitimate President of the United States and liberals just can’t get over that fact. Maybe that’s why mainstream news outlets aren’t afraid of spreading fake news.

Be warned, America: It’s happening a LOT, as this story proves.

Source: Breitbart

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