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KABOOM: Bombshell Explodes On Anti-Trump Liberal Media…Their Failures Exposed!

Remember the old saying: “The first one to name-call loses the debate”?

I think it’s safe to assume that the mainstream media has lost the debate.

On “Fox News Sunday“, host Chris Wallace wondered if the media wasn’t making the exact same mistake with Trump that they made in 1981 with Ronald Reagan.

Independent Journal Review (IJR):

“He reminded his guests that when President Ronald Reagan came to Washington, Democrat administration insider Clark Clifford quickly dismissed him. Clifford called Reagan an ‘amiable dunce.’

The media has referred to President-elect Trump as a ‘reality TV star.'”

Okay, so, hold on…wasn’t Trump an actual reality TV star? Just wanted to clear that up. Who didn’t watch “The Apprentice“, right?

Gerald Seib, Washington bureau chief for the Wall Street Journal, had an opinion on this as well: “Reagan had a vision and an ideology. Donald Trump doesn’t have a vision or an ideology.”

Sounds a bit simplistic and not quite true, but Seib quickly backpedaled with: “We’ve been through a year of underestimating Donald Trump, right? So, there’s ample reason to believe that will continue.”

Uh, yeah…without a doubt. There has never been more than a fleeting moment when the Left has given a Republican a fair shake. They didn’t do it for Reagan and they certainly will not do it for Trump.

IJR added:

“Ben Domenech, founder and publisher of The Federalist, thinks the media may have a habit of judging Trump’s decisions ‘too soon.’ But whether or not Trump will take a page from Reagan’s book and surprise everyone remains to be seen.”

The name-calling with intensify with every triumph that Trump records in his book of successes. The Liberals will not tolerate a Republican who out-performs Obama, their Savior for the last eight years.

In fact, they will be in diametric opposition to the approach they used for Obama. When anything went awry, the MSM closed ranks and fired off in all directions to protect him. With Trump, they will take any success, large or small, a morph it into a gigantic and dangerous failure. Wait and see.

The war has just begun and the Progressives are armed for the battle ahead. Let’s hope Trump is, as well, because it’s going to get ugly real fast.

Source: Independent Journal Review (IJR)

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