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Breaking: Anti-Trump Report Exposed As Massive HOAX…Americans In An Uproar!

This is INSANE.

Come, follow us down the rabbit hole…but fair warning because it gets pretty wacky down here:

When the world heard Russia had “inside intel” on Donald Trump, and perhaps blackmail was entering into the equation, everyone was stunned.

What damning information was Russia holding? Would it really hurt the President-elect? We know Democrats were hoping it was evidence of some enduring secret collaboration between Trump and Putin, which would in turn lend credence to the Leftists’ pathetic conspiracy theory.

But none of us really considered the possibility that the report in question could be totally false. As in, not just inaccurate, but a prank dreamed up by a relatively well-known internet personality.

It started when Buzzfeed posted a story that alleged Trump’s “deep ties” to Russia, claiming the latter country had been cultivating Trump for over five years, and that our new President had been in constant contact with the Kremlin. There was even a hint of sexual misconduct and the now-famous “golden shower” claim, which said Trump hired prostitutes to pee on the same bed Barack Obama slept in when he visited Russia.

Pretty sick stuff.

Rick Wilson later commented on Twitter and everything sort of blew up. But now, it seems the entire thing was just made up.

Via Zerohedge, the prank was pulled off by 4chan (internet frequenters might recognize the name), as a post appeared on October 26 saying, “mfw managed to convince CTR and certain (journalists) on Twitter there’ll be an October surprise on Trump this Friday,” along with a picture of a smug face.

Then, on November 1, it appeared the same person posted:

So they took what I told Rick Wilson and added a Russian spy angle to it. They still believe it. Guys, they’re truly fucking desperate – there’s no remaining Trump scandal that’s credible.

Most recently, on January 10, shortly after the story really started to burn up on social media, the same smug face reappeared with the same hash title for the picture, and a post read simply:

“I didn’t think they’d take it so far.”

Well, how about that? If this is true, it has to be one of the biggest hoaxes in the history of American politics. Too bad it sort of obliterates the hopes and dreams of the liberals but frankly, we really don’t care.

What we care about is the truth. And it might’ve just been revealed in all its prankster glory!

Source: Zerohedge

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