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Outrageous: Anti-Trump Restaurant Does Something Hitler Would Love…This Is SICK!

The double-standards rear their ugly heads yet again.

Liberals love to paint themselves as tolerance and peaceful but in fact, ever since Donald Trump won the presidential election, the Leftists have proven themselves to be quite the opposite: Vindictive, childish, and downright hostile.

But wait, there’s a far more important term at play here and it’s clear as day in this news story:


A new report has landed on Fox News and it’s pissing off a lot of Americans. In Honolulu, a popular restaurant called Café 8 ½ serves up great dishes like Radiatore Verde and an Italian Stir Fry, but it’s in the news for serving up something far more sinister.

They’ve got a policy printed on yellow paper and it’s right here:


If you voted for Trump you cannot eat here! No Nazis.

Honolulu resident and Trump supporter Susan Roberts says the offensive sign is in “extreme poor taste” and added in an email:

It’s childish and very unprofessional. … The restaurant owner doesn’t have to worry … I will not be stepping foot in that establishment.

Willes Lee, former chairman of the Hawaii Republican Party and current president of the National Federation of Republican Assemblies, told Fox News that the sign is discriminatory and yes, it’s also “racist and hate-filled.” That’s precisely what it is, too.

Said Lee:

Remember when Filipinos couldn’t go in certain places, or Japanese wouldn’t be allowed [in] many homes? And, it didn’t matter who they voted for.

The complaints are starting to light up Yelp as well, which is good news for those who actually care about fairness and equality. The liberals have never cared about either, despite their rantings and ravings; the bottom line is, agree with them or get lynched.

Maybe it’s no surprise to learn the cafe was founded by a former hair stylist for Vidal Sassoon…located in San Francisco – or rather, San Fran-sicko, as we should all start calling it – and he also has a restaurant in Seattle. Liberals havens, both.

Reached for comment Tuesday, Jali downplayed the sign’s supposed ban. She told the restaurant is not actually asking customers whether they voted for President-elect Trump, and said even if they see a customer with a Trump shirt, “we don’t put anything different [in] your food.”

Source: Fox News

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