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WATCH: Antifa Thugs Try To Launch An Attack, Then The Bikers For Trump Roll Up…

Since Berkeley couldn’t guarantee that Ann Coulter would not be assassinated during her speech there, she has since cancelled her appearance.

She initially wanted to fight the university on the free speech issue but in the end, her safety was paramount.

This is not first time that Berkeley has striven to shut down the free speech of those in opposition to evil, and it certainly won’t be the last.

This so-called institution of higher learning houses some of the most despicable individuals in the country, as we’re starting to learn. It’s a haven for criminals and terrorists, frankly.

So, when UC Berkeley made its determination that they would do nothing to stand in the way of armed murderous thugs should Coulter speak, some Trump supporters reacted.

MAD World News:

“Chris Cox, the founder of Bikers for Trump, took action at the University of California Berkeley after conservative commentator Ann Coulter canceled her speech on the campus Thursday, explaining:

‘We are certainly not looking for a fight. We are here on the defense, not the offense.’

The bikers were there to assure other well-known supporters of President Donald Trump could speak out just outside the campus.

In a brilliant move, comedian and pundit Gavin McInnes, along with Lauren Southern, gave those Antifa thugs a nasty surprise:

They got a copy of Ann Coulter’s planned speech and delivered it over a microphone with speakers loud enough that everyone could hear it as they headlined a free speech rally, according to The Washington Times.

Police who had arrived for the event issued a ruling for the general area that no masks would be permitted in the vicinity.

Immediately, the Anti-First Amendment (Antifa) cowards dissipated into the shadows of the trees and remained there while big, burly bikers surrounded the microphone in support of free speech.

The Coulter speech, which focused on illegal immigration was a big hit with the crowd and suspiciously absent were the Illegitimate Offspring of Soros as they hid their skinny butts in the safety of the maples.

Thanks to Oath Keepers, Bikers for Trump, Lauren Southern, and Gavin McInnes for their forthright stand against tyranny and the Fascism of the Left.

Sources:  MAD World News, The Washington Times

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