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Antifa Punks Promise To Burn Flags And ‘Desecrate The Graves’ Of Fallen American Heroes

The 154th Anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg is approaching fast at the beginning of July and many thousands will be visiting from both the U.S. and abroad to celebrate our history.

Of course, as everyone is aware, the Civil War was the war fought to end slavery and to preserve the Union.

President Abraham Lincoln actually gave the famous Gettysburg Address there on those grounds, which is why the area will always stand as a major piece of American history.

But liberals care nothing for history.

This week, while families are teaching their children the American history that so many schools have distorted or ignored, Leftists will be gathering on the horizon for more sinister reasons.

Discovered on Facebook have been a slew of anti-First Amendment groups promising to smash graves, burn American flags, and disrupt festivities designed to teach and enlighten.


Today, as the anniversary approaches, members of the so-called ‘Antifa’ movement are promising to ‘desecrate’ the graves of those who fell in that fight and to mount protests as Americans gather to memorialize the battle.

Gettysburg has become a great attraction for Americans, many of whom troop there annually to celebrate the anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg, a conflagration that is often termed the ‘high tide’ of the civil war for turning the war in favor of the federal armies vying to end slavery and save the union.

Gettysburg town officials, as well as the federal battlefield park officials, have acknowledged warnings that several protest groups are targeting the annual celebration this year, according to

According to Harrisbirg 100, at least one ‘Antifa’ group began informing supporters that they intended to burn Confederate and American flags in the town.”

Hopefully, with all the advanced notice, these Democrat Party thugs will be contained and halted from attempting to destroy history and the significance of the meaning behind the Civil War.

Liberals, here’s a little lesson:

History is history and cannot be altered; acting like animals and trying to stop people from remembering does nothing.

All you’re doing is dishonoring American history and acting like common criminals. Congratulations.

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