Red, White, and Right


QUESTION: Do these filthy Antifa criminals qualify as TERRORISTS?

The radical Leftist group known as “Antifa” (yeah, they claim to be anti-fascist when they’re the very definition of “fascist” but whatever) has been making headlines.

In fact, every time we turn around, we learn about another nasty Antifa-related story.

They target anyone who doesn’t agree with them; the strategy is Nazi-esque in its direct brutality:

Either you WILL agree with us, or we’ll just beat you into oblivion. Apparently, this is what’s known as “progressive” behavior.

And when the opposition hits back, they whine and lie, just like 8-year-olds…and that’s the mentality level with which we’re dealing.

But here’s the question of the day: Do they qualify as terrorists? They seem to be willing to torch anybody who says “I love America,” so maybe they DO qualify…

What do you think?


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