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WATCH – Antifa Punk Attacks Prayer Patriot…BRUTAL Payback Doled Out In 2 SECONDS!

Portland, Oregon appears to be rapidly approaching the status of “Home of AntiFA” as clashes are erupting on a weekly basis.

These “antifascists” – who evidently use every weapon in the fascist arsenal – continually run into true Patriots, and the results are typically similar.

…that’s because worthless snowflakes are about as physically impressive as Tinkerbell.

In a recent scuffle, members of a group called “Prayer Patriot” entered the fray in Portland to shadow yet another anti-Free Speech group of Leftists, bought and paid for by people like George Soros.

Once the groups came within earshot of each other, the F-bombs and the threats ensued.

WARNING: Video contains plenty of coarse language.

MAD World News:

Heat Street reports that anarchists from the Antifa group ‘Oregon Students Empowered’ held a rally in Chapman Square to ‘stand against police targeting,’ whatever that means.

Conservatives from Patriot Prayer showed up to watch, engage protesters, and to prevent them from breaking laws and wreaking havoc as they did at the May Day protest.

The two sides mouthed off at each other a bit, and one large man from Patriot Prayer had his path blocked by an Antifa dork in a gray jacket.

As the video shows, the patriot had no intentions of tolerating the assault from the smaller Antifa man, and he took care of business quickly.”


In this video, you are able to see many different aged people, some wearing leather, many wearing black clothing, skull masks and even baseball bats and knives.

The Prayer Patriots were carrying Bibles.  In one scuffle, as the antiFA kid was bowled over by the larger man, out came the thugs with their baseball bats. This is what Leftists advocate, people.

Had it not been for one of the Prayer Patriots calling the police and speaking with them while they followed the retreating would-be rioters, the bat was withdrawn from the area.

Interestingly, many were wearing union and ACLU shirts.  It’s obvious that the ACLU no longer stands for civil liberties, but for Fascism and shutting down the First Amendment.

That’s not going to happen.

Sources:  MAD World News, Heat Street


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