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Antifa Thug FLIPS OUT And Slugs A Cameraman, But He Didn’t Know He Was Being Watched…

Ever wonder where left-wing groups like Antifa come from?

They seemingly appear out of nowhere, all funded and ready to wreak havoc wherever they go.

It turns out that this group has a history, and it’s not one of being an asset to society, but rather a menace.

Despite its leaders’ protestations that it is fighting fascism and right-wing extremism, its history is actually one of advocating for a communist ideology.

Antifa is not some new group that was created in the aftermath of the Trump victory last November. It has a much longer and a very sordid history.

As the journalist involved here pointed out, Antifa was founded by Leon Trotksy as a Communist combat arm of the Communist Party in other countries, and we see that today they are living up to their reputation.

As an example of how this outfit operates, this Canadian journalist in America was trying to give a member of the group a chance to speak…and he got attacked.

“Jack Posobiec, the Washington bureau chief for The Rebel Media, a Canadian news organization known for exposing social justice madness” was attempting to interview an Antifa protester.

But the best part? The attacker didn’t think to check behind him.

Because moments after Posobiec got slugged during a protest in Washington, a police cruiser rolled up and placed the unsuspecting thug under arrest.

The Antifa thug tried to claim he was just defending himself, but the video obviously proved otherwise.

Once you have learned the history and nature of this group, a lot of things start to make sense and fit together.

As Zero Hedge reports, “[O]ne of the Antifa thugs seen protesting alongside the helmet-wearing future jail inmate was Paul ‘Luke’ Kuhn, who was busted earlier this year by Project Veritas plotting ‘stink bomb’ attacks on President Donald Trump’s inauguration party.”

If that’s not enough to prove the point:

“Zero Hedge also cited unconfirmed reports that Kuhn had in the past ‘made several pedophilic posts to Usenet internet groups.’ One of those posts reportedly included a defense of men having sex with young boys.”

There’s nothing good to say about this group. The left deserves them, except that law-abiding Americans (and in this case, Canadian journalists) do not.

Sources: Conservative Tribune, Zero Hedge

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