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Army Ranger Unleashes The BRUTAL Truth About ISIS Murderers…But Will The World Listen?

Seems we have a new Obama in the mayor’s seat in London. Think about it.

Mayor Sadiq Khan doesn’t seem to believe that radical Islam is a problem. In fact, in his own words, “There’s no need to be alarmed.”

Remember, this guy has an awfully questionable past concerning the Muslim faith.

You may also remember that Obama once called ISIS the “JV team.”

Khan also said that London was the safest city in the world. Obama once said that taking in 100 or 200K more refugees without vetting would not be a security risk.

…see the similarity?

Well, one Army Ranger is sick and tired of this narrative that never seems to die.

Conservative Tribune:

“The morning after three radical Islamic terrorists committed a heinous attack in London that killed 7 and injured 48, retired U.S. Army Ranger Sean Parnell joined a number of others, including President Donald Trump, in excoriating the city’s mayor for his stubborn refusal to acknowledge the role of Islam in terrorism.

‘This is the guy that said terrorist attacks are just part and parcel with living in a big city,’ Parnell said during an appearance Sunday morning on Fox News, alluding to past statements made by London Mayor Sadiq Khan.

‘We are well beyond the point of a conversation with the Muslim community,’ he continued, referencing the broader, long-held position by many politically correct leaders that the key to combating terrorism lies in building bonds with Islamic-influenced populaces.

Do you think the parents that had children killed during the Ariana Grande concert want to talk about a freakin’ conversation?

The ranger’s caustic criticism of Khan mirrored the angry aspersions cast that same morning by several others, including President Donald Trump and White House social media director Dan Scavino Jr.

In a tweet Scavino specifically reminded Khan of what he told him last year after the mayor had the audacity to criticize ‘Trump’s ignorant view of Islam’ on the basis that ‘(i)t risks alienating mainstream Muslims,’ according to the Washington Examiner.

Yup, it appears that Citizen Obama does have a twin brother.

The bad news for London is that this guy is still in charge.

Sources:  Conservative Tribune, Fox News

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