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SHOCKING Autopsy Reveals The REAL Secret Behind The Death Of The Democratic Party

To start things off, I think it’s only appropriate that we say a little prayer:

Dear Lord, please allow the Democrats to continue to march left toward the horizon for as long as humanly possible. Amen!

I read a 5-word phrase today that made me remember that I had planned to do this little piece. Those words were “Seismic shift to the left.

They were uttered by Rob Carter, a member of the Maryland Republican Party in reference to Tom Perez getting the nod to head the Democrat National Committee.

For weeks, I’ve been attempting to tell myself that I need to be more understanding every time a Party of the Jackass member makes a dumb comment, that this just assists the Republicans in maintaining control of important government apparatuses.

However, my inner Right-Winger just bursts out of my chest and I can’t help myself. I just start mouthing off about how stupid these people truly are.

So, in an attempt to get myself back under control and reign in this terrible obsession with pointing out all the many idiocies of the Democrat Party, I’m going to say a bit about how thankful I am that the Democrats are, in fact, so clueless.

These people have got their thumb on the pulse of the nation and that’s their first real BIG problem. Any nurse out there will tell you that you NEVER use your thumb to take a pulse.


Because your thumb has a healthy beating pulse of its own. If you’re attempting to feel someone’s pulse by using your thumb, you’re really just listening to your own heartbeat.

When these Democrats attempt to get a message through to the people of America, they are continually looking at us through their own ridiculous Democrat Blue lens. They believe (and have for a while now) that Americans think exactly like they do.

For people who, in the past, used to refer to themselves as elitists, they really are brain-dead.

I am thankful that it appears as if these Democrats are not even on the right path to getting back to their former position of power. It’s almost as if they are standing in front of a sign that says, “America, This Way!” and they’re pointing in all the other directions in confusion.

America may be a complex basket of “deplorables and irredeemables,” but it is definitely a relatively easy thing to figure them out. The everyday American is hopeful, hard-working, family-oriented, generous, charitable, creative, patriotic, smart, funny, and 100% non-Leftist!

When you are able to separate a Democrat from the masses of Party-faithful, and sit down for a beer and a sandwich to talk with them, you can begin to see how quickly they open up about their own true misgivings in regards to their chosen party.

If Democrat strategists and party leaders were smart, they’d merely sit down with their own and talk to them, person-to-person, because it’s not just understanding the Right, but also actually listening to the Left.

More often than not, the typical Democrat, when all is said and done, is not an alt-Left Fascist. They’re just like you and me.

I’m not suggesting that Republicans are any better than their Democrat brothers and sisters in gauging what is on their constituents’ minds, because they are not.

In fact, the Republican victory in the last election had ZERO to do with the Republican leadership. It had ZERO to do with Republican strategy. Somebody help Karl Rove! I think he’s choking right now!

The ONLY reason that the people of America won was that they had listened to and heard the message by Trump and his team. This message resonated with Right-Wingers.

To prove that typical Democrats are just like us, all you have to do is remember that TENS OF THOUSANDS of Democrats jumped party lines just to vote for Donald.

And this is where the great divide between the “deplorables” and the party leaders is securely seated. As stated in a previous opinion piece, the “elites” are not the party leaders. They lost that title when they lost the connection to winning.

The word “elite” requires at least a semblance of victory. This is something they cannot even purchase with cold, hard cash. It is an alien concept for them. Victory to these people would require comprehension of what it means to be an American.

Therefore, the American people are the “elites,” not the losers in the ruling class.

Getting back to the abrupt left-face of the Democrat Party, they have also done a major disservice to former Right-Wing party leaders as well. The Right was so convinced by the stilted message of the Liberals that America loved all things Left that they, too, fell into the trap of believing that Political Correctness was the way of the future.

This belief by the Right that the PC police would dominate the next century was their downfall in this election. To be honest, it was a continuing downfall throughout the election cycle from 2008 to the present. The Right was thoroughly convinced of this to the point where even hard Right-Wingers began to show cracks in their facade.

Who ever thought, as a Right-Winger, that they would doubt the loyalty of Trey Gowdy, Ted Cruz, or Mike Lee? But then, there we were, despising these people who supported Donald Trump, and we’re thinking to ourselves, “How many of these guys are gonna turn?”

Thankfully, the world is tilting back to the Right again. This Seismic shift to the Left on the part of Democrat party leaders is not firing up the base of the Democrats BECAUSE the base IS NOT LEFTIST!

Shock, shock, the Democrat party leaders don’t know that their own NORMAL everyday constituents are not in agreement with them on a whole host of issues, including:

1. Illegal Immigration
2. Refugees
3. Terrorism
4. LGBTQ Issues
5. Voter ID
6. Military Spending
7. Taxes
8. Government Spending
9. Welfare
10. Unemployment

There are many, many others, but these are listed to make a point. Sit down with any Democrat after you’ve extracted them from the current faux Pay-Per-Protest demonstration and talk honestly with them about the above issues and suddenly, you realize that they are Right-minded!

How, then, can we get these Democrats to “see the light?”

We don’t. It’s not our job. That’s the job of our elected officials. And since they are so woefully inadequate at understanding their own constituencies, it appears that the only way normal Democrats will discover their Right-leaning tendencies will be if we just allow the Democrat Party to continue its quick-march to the Left.

A perfect example of these moronic tactics by the Left is the DNC Chairman Tom Perez selling T-Shirts through his speeches that say, “Democrats Give A Sh*t About People,” for only twenty bucks a pop (presumably to raise money for the coffers that were completely drained by their loser candidate in the last election).

Since there’s no end in sight of these committed Leftists listening to their own, we merely have to kick back and enjoy their perpetual, daft policies destroying them from the outside-in.

As for the Republicans…

They will eventually come around to our way of thinking. Once they’re sure the winning policies of Trump are consistently scoring big with the American people, they will cover their heads, skulk into a cheering crowd of Republicans at a Trump rally, and then reveal themselves as having been “a Trump supporter all along!”

Welcome home, RINOs!

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