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Babysitter LOSES 2 Little Children….Then She Spends 2 Hours Doing Something That STUNS Police

Parents, this is a cautionary tale.

If you plan on leaving your children in the care of a babysitter, it’s your responsibility to make absolutely certain that person is competent.

Now, some kids are especially mature for their age, like the 11-year-old boy who rightfully called the police on his father.

But ALL young children require attention and discipline, and a good babysitter delivers both. Obviously, thirty-year-old Mary Harmon doesn’t qualify as a capable caregiver…and now she’s paying for it.

She was put in charge of watching two kids, ages six and nine respectively, but what she did will horrify parents everywhere.

According The Herald and CBS News, these kids somehow managed to take a car for a joyride…while Harmon did absolutely nothing:

…Harmon told responding officers that she noticed the children were missing on May 18 after she got out of the shower.

Clover Police Chief Randy Grice claimed Harmon never called the police to notify them the children were missing, despite it being reported that they were missing for two hours.

As WSOC-TV reports, according to police, that after Harmon noticed that the children were missing along with her car, she took another vehicle at the residence and ran errands for 45 minutes.

She went to a resource center and stopped off for an energy drink before going in search of the children’s mother, to tell her what happened.

At no point did she even bother going to look for the kids. Then those kids crashed into a tree and everyone’s day got much, much worse.

The good news is that neither child was seriously injured and the “babysitter” (we use that term loosely) was charged with two counts of child neglect and a drug charge after cops found hydrocodone pills in her car.

The mother didn’t comment but you know, this is just as much on her as it is on Harmon. All parents around the world are bound to agree, yes?

Sometimes, you can’t control what happens to your kids but when it comes to choosing a babysitter, you have complete control…and complete responsibility.

Source: The Herald, CBS News

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