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‘Top 30 Most Beautiful Women Of 2017’ Revealed…And Dear God, Look Who Made The List

Millennials may not be the most motivated job-seekers on the planet, and they’re undoubtedly THE most narcissistic generation to date.

I mean, any group that swears to scream at a wall for 4 years obviously doesn’t have enough to do.

They’re just victims of Liberal-induced, comatose-like entitlement and they are becoming more and more useless with every passing day.

I mean, c’mon! Snowflakes are a-melting everywhere on the continent!

They are 100% Digital Age savvy but 150% selfie-obsessed, and nobody is surprised to learn they’re far more likely to be mentally ill. Well, of course. They all have “issues.”

And now, a new Millennial snowflake website just decided to give former presidential nominee Hillary Clinton another accolade…but this one is so funny, it’s almost sad.

The Federalist:

“A website that purports to be a content creator for millennials is claiming that failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is the sixth most beautiful woman on planet earth.

Yes. You read that sentence correctly. The woman who resembles a velociraptor in a wig is being touted by a garbage millennial website called ‘Buzznet’ (huh, wonder where they got the idea for that name?) as a regular Helen of Troy.

According to my research, Buzznet isn’t the only platform to offer such a high opinion of Hillary Clinton’s facial structure.

There’s a Facebook page with 47 likes called “HILLARY CLINTON: THE WORLD’S MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMAN.” Ironically, or perhaps accurately, there’s nothing on the page. It’s totally blank aside from a profile photo.

Chris Matthews also thinks she’s a hot little number, and a reporter for The New York Times has the hots for her too.”

Oh yeah. She was awfully foxy in that leather outfit, right? ‘cough’

Being that millennial women make up a greater percentage of the workforce, it makes total sense that they are perusing the internet more in the lines of Liberal news (i.e. fake news).

Why? Because any unemployed man (Millennial or otherwise) who would EVER vote for Hillary as a beautiful woman would either be blind, certifiably insane, or metrosexual.

Take your pick. Just be careful not to hurt the metrosexual’s feelings.

Source: The Federalist

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