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BURN! Benghazi Hero Has 1 BRUTAL Message For The NSA Leaker Who Betrayed America…

Benghazi survivor, Kris Paronto, author of the book “The Ranger Way,” has seen his share of the atrocities committed by terrorists abroad.

Paronto served in many different capacities under different Commanders-in-Chief and he served proudly in silence, whether or not he agreed with the method of command.

Like most proud men who serve who serve this country, he’s appalled at the recent traitorous NSA leak, at the hands of one Reality Leigh Winner.

After Winner was arrested and charged with the high crimes of leaking classified documents to the media, followed by support from idiot celebrities like Rosie O’Donnell, Paronto had a few choice words for both of them.

Independent Journal Review:

“He addressed her comments on the Taliban:

Burn down the White House? That’s what a terrorist would say.

Join the Taliban? She obviously hasn’t seen what the Taliban’s capabilities are. They stone women.

They use little boys for their sexual pleasure. They stoned women in soccer stadiums. I was in there in Kandahar when they were throwing acid in little girls’ faces.

Watching what is on the computer and seeing it real life is completely different. She should stop hiding behind her social media and the computer. She is desensitized.

She hasn’t seen the atrocities. Afghanistan’s infrastructure hasn’t improved because of groups like the Taliban.

The last thing I want to see is young kids and women killed and sodomized. I fought these terrorists for years. 

It disturbs the heck out of me that she can say she wants to join the Taliban. It’s the most misogynistic organization out there.

So, go put on a burka and join them. See what it is like.

He suggested another option for Winner other than prison:


She should be able to be given an opportunity to live in Kandahar or Herat. Go live way below any standard of living in America.

Tell the locals who don’t like the Taliban that you support the Taliban, the same group that turned their country to a hellhole in the last several years.

What will happen? It won’t be good.”

As for Rosie, he said: “We have to hold her accountable. Call her out. Anyone who has similar motives to this leaker needs to be called out, too.”

By the way, Winner has the unmitigated gall to start a GoFundMe campaign so she can defend herself, and sick celebrities like O’Donnell have already contributed. Well, of course.

Personally, I’d much rather this GoFundMe money go to the victims of Taliban.

Source:  Independent Journal Review

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