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BOOM – Berkeley Mayor Hit With COLOSSAL Ultimatum – Stop Your SICK THUGS Or…!

Ann Coulter is no stranger to controversy.

However, when a mayor of a U.S. city says that Ann Coulter will die if she speaks in California, there’s a bigger issue at play than just free speech.

The aftermath of the Berkeley riots wasn’t pretty, which is probably why this mayor thinks Coulter would be in danger.

But this also means the city in question is out of freakin’ control.

So, when Berkeley Mayor Jesse Arreguin decided the police could not protect Coulter from murderous criminals in masks, an attorney representing Berkeley College Republicans suggested more extreme actions.


Harmeet Dhillon, a San Francisco lawyer representing the UCB College Republicans, held a press conference Monday to discuss the case being brought against UC Berkeley and suggested deploying the National Guard to provide security if Berkeley’s mayor could not maintain control of the city.

One reporter asked Dhillon (at 29:00 in the video) whether or not the President should federalize the National Guard and have them provide security to speakers at UC Berkeley. In response, Dhillon said:

Well again, I don’t think it’s Ann Coulter’s or YAF’s or Berkeley College Republicans’ problem to solve that problem. First of all I think the Governor has to call out the National Guard.

The President declaring martial law in Berkeley so that Ann Coulter can speak is a bit extreme. I’m not suggesting that would be an appropriate outcome, but I think the problem runs deeper than this Ann Coulter event.

Dhillon suggested that a “shadowy policy” was responsible in the college for favoring Leftist speakers over Right-wing scholars.

No surprise there, as we recently discovered the mayor HIMSELF is part of a radical liberal group, which has actually been classified by the FBI as “low-level terrorism.”

The crux of the matter is the fact that college students are being herded in the opposite direction if a Right-wing speaker arrives at the campus.

Freedom of speech doesn’t exist in the land of the “righteous” liberal. …and Antifa thugs are really just champions of peace and liberty.

Man, that sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it?

Source: Breitbart

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