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Berkeley Riots Bombshell Explodes…Look Who Was CAUGHT Funding This Insane Disaster!

Once again, the black hand of THIS EVIL MAN has crept into American business matters.

He tries to paint himself as a do-gooder who simply wants to spend his billions helping the poor and beleaguered of the world. But he actually tries to take down governments and topple economies just for the fun of it.

And now he has now been tied to one of America’s recent incidents of chaos and mayhem.

Yep, the disgraceful and despicable Berkeley riots, which a Democrat congresswoman just recently called “a beautiful thing.” That’s really too sick for words, so we’ll just move right along to Mr. George Soros, here.

We have learned that Soros’ money was funneled onto one of America’s places of higher learning – at least, it’s supposed to be a place of higher learning. What it’s turned into is a breeding ground for far left brown shirts, the next generation of thuggish left-leaners.

“One of the far-left ‘anti-fascist’ groups behind last week’s riot in Berkeley, Refuse Fascism, received $50,000 from a group backed by socialist billionaire George Soros,” Breitbart News reported, citing The Daily Caller.

This is no surprise at all, really.

Every time a far left event takes place in America, it seems Soros has some kind of involvement. And that involvement is usually of the financial kind.

Though we still think it’s hilarious that Donald Trump’s presidential victory caused Soros to lose over a billion dollars in the stock market.

And what transpired at the University of California at Berkeley was an abysmal show of college-age intolerance. The students rioted, burning cars and smashing glass, ultimately sending three to the hospital, because they didn’t like a speaker from Breitbart who was scheduled to share some conservative views.

So they shut him down by setting the campus on fire. Brilliant tactic there, and it’s all about open and honest discourse in an “institution of higher learning,” right?

Well, that’s the Soros effect: His money can be found at sites of mayhem and madness, at a community near you.

Source: Breitbart, The Daily Caller

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