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Brother Asks His 6-Year-Old Sister Why She’s Wearing Makeup…Her 1-Word Reply MELTS The Internet

A lot of people might be aghast at the idea of a six-year old girl wearing makeup.

But perhaps with the right attitude and level of self-confidence, it might turn out to be more than just cute.

Especially if she wears it in such as way as to enhance her natural beauty.

And of course…kids say the darndest things.

Sometimes, they’re touching and amazing, like when a little boy sees his deceased father in the clouds. Other times, they’re just perfectly innocent and perfectly timed.

This is in the latter category: An eighteen-year old brother saw his six-year old sister wearing makeup, so he asked her what’s on her face.

…and this might be the first time in internet history where just one word went CRAZY viral.

From Independent Journal Review:

“18-year-old Kyle Dinsmore describes his six-year-old sister, Khloe, as having ‘a very big character’ with a side of ‘sassy.'”

Last week, Dinsmore noticed Khloe was wearing makeup, which she put on herself. So, in true big brother fashion, the teen took out his cell phone and asked his sister what was on her face:

Khloe only needed one word to put Dinsmore in his place:


What we’ve got here is a girl who has self-confidence and poise that go beyond her years.

As of now, that little clip has been viewed well over 7 MILLION times, which really just proves that adorable kids can still rule a world where grit and nastiness tend to hold sway.

For those who might be a bit concerned about a six-year old wearing makeup, realize that far more can be done with Photoshop than can be accomplished with just makeup.

And such image enhancement techniques are just standard part of portrait photography now.

This young lady already knows the purpose of makeup is to enhance the beauty that’s already there. And her self-confidence can only serve her well in years to come, so it’s a big win-win!

Source: Independent Journal Review

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