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EXPOSED: Black Lives Matter Has A MASSIVE $33 Million Secret…America Is Thunderstruck!

Ask an average left-leaning American to describe Black Lives Matter in a few simple words, and you’ll probably hear things like:

“Oh, they’re activists trying to fight police racism,” or, “they’re the protesters who are rallying for civil justice.”

Of course, that’s the far left’s version.

The reality is much, much darker, as we’ve seen in recent months. There’s the supposed BLM leader who literally said white people are genetically inferior, and actually advocated GENOCIDE.

No racism there, right?

And did you see that disgusting video where BLM members doled out death threats to white people and President Donald Trump? Yes, disgusting AND terrifying.

Thing is, the whole Black Lives Matter thing is a movement built on a false premise: The entire policing community is walking around with night vision goggles and pointed weapons, trying to root out and shoot the next innocent black guy or gal.

But it has to get its funding from somewhere. Guess where?

“The truth is, BLM movement is supported by the Open Society Foundation, a George Soros funded organization,” Yes I’m Right reported. “Soros contributed $33 million to the Society who in turn donated the funding to Black Lives Matter.”

Umm … media?

A little reporting here, puh-lease?

We already found out Soros helped fund one of the societies that advocated and contributed to the awful Berkeley riots. Maybe it’s time to STOP this guy.

Unfortunately, the press has reasserted itself as the go-to for bulldog-meet-pitbull reporting, desperate and diabolical for all things truth – or at least Lies That Can Sold As Truth – when it comes to the new commander-in-chief. So how about tossing a few reporting chops BLM’s way?

Or would doing so bite the Soros-tied hand that actually feeds?

That’s the thing about secret and not-so-secret political agendas. They’re really hard to hide if you’re a Republican – not so tough to disguise and dismiss if you’re on the left.

Source: Yes I’m Right


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