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BUSTED: Black Panthers Stun America, Prove Violence Is What They’re ALL About!

Now THIS is a bit startling…I don’t care who you are.

It was beyond frightening when a Black Lives Matter protest erupted with insanely racist threats and rants. That alone is enough to delegitimize this so-called “peaceful” movement, right there.

But these people aren’t about “peace.”

In the midst of these “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” protests against police, which ultimately filled the streets with violence and rancor, the LAST thing a law-abiding citizen wants to see is what recently gathered on the steps of the New Hanover County Courthouse in North Carolina.

Can you say intimidating? This is precisely why one law enforcement veteran denounced Black Lives Matter; because frankly, hypocrisy is running rampant.

A gathering of Revolutionary Black Panther Party members, dressed all in black, of course, assembled on the steps, whipped out papers and started reading off talking points.

But that’s not the shocking part.

Get this, from the Independent Journal Review:

“[T]he Black Panther group added a unique, and illegal, element to its press conference: firearms.

Local media reported the gathering had started off as a planned and armed march, but the local district attorney vowed to prosecute anyone caught with firearms in a public space.

Apparently, the group changed venue, but not the idea of carrying.

“New Hanover County Sheriff’s Office arrived towards the end of the event and seized 10 weapons from the group. Of the 10 weapons, there were 2 revolvers, 5 semi-automatic pistols, and 3 shotguns, all of which were loaded,” IJR reported. “Revolutionary Black Panther members fully and peacefully cooperated with police, but the group’s leader, Dr. Alli Muhammad, claimed they were unfairly targeted.”

Unfairly targeted?

Note to Mr. Muhammad: You were warned that carrying the firearms would be considered a criminal offense. You were warned, prior to gathering, that anyone caught with firearms would be arrested and prosecuted.

And now you’re crying about being unfairly targeted? Maybe you should listen to Sheriff David Clarke because HE actually knows what he’s talking about (and by the way, he’s black).

Here’s a thought: How about picking a new angle to argue? Getting a headsup about a pending arrest is not so much an unfair targeting.

In Sane Mind Speak, it’s actually called a favor.

Source: Independent Journal Review

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