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Black College Students Go HAYWIRE, Release List Of Outrageous Demands – INSANE

Well, file this one under “things that make you go, hmmm.”

Liberals have been going absolutely off the chain recently, and that includes a disgusting, dangerous Berkeley riot that is just…beyond words.

It’s as if the leftists love proving the point of Conservatives everywhere, which is that when liberals lose, their only recourse is hostility and violence.

And when guys like Tucker Carlson expose the radical leftist insanity, Democrats only become even MORE hostile and violent, if that’s humanly possible. And colleges have become breeding grounds for more inanity.

One group of students – and seriously, the term has to be used loosely, at best, because it’s hard to imagine these people pursuing a course of education – has gone to their University of Wisconsin-Madison administrators with a little list of demands.

And what these mostly white students want is, once again, a head-shaker.

“The group, the Associated Students of Madison, demanded that the school offer free tuition, free living expenses, and cancel all fees for all African American students as a form of ‘reparations’ for the practice of slavery that ended 150 years ago,” Breitbart reported, citing Fox News.

Yes, that’s right. Free education for all blacks to atone for slavery and such.

And the students are actually turning the university’s own language back on it, using its stated commitment to “diversity and inclusion” as a means of saying, “see? See? You even say you should pay for reparations.”

The school doesn’t, of course. Nor should it.

Such campaigns aren’t just misguided or foolhardy. They’re just out and out stupid. Almost as stupid as the outrageous list of demands created by Muslim students earlier this year, which was an outright comedy.

There’s no other way around it. This so-dubbed “Cognitive Dissonance Resolution,” providing each and every black student up to $20,000 a year, is stupidity in action.

Perhaps the saddest part is this:

Those behind the campaign are actually going to one day graduate, one day enter the workforce, one day enter the field of politics and government – and one day try and force nationwide reparations plan down the throats of each and every working, taxpaying white American.

God help us. We can only hope they drop out and go live at home with their parents until they’re 40.

Sources: Breitbart, Fox News

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