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BLM Punk Goes DOWN – This Cop-Hating Arsonist Just Got Some VERY Bad News!

The Mainstream Media is mourning the conviction today of one of their biggest heroes: Dawud Abdulwali.

No, Abdulwali didn’t receive a Congressional Medal of Honor, nor did he receive a Purple Heart like Sergeant First Class Barrientos.

Abdulwali also did not perform some Good Samaritan gesture that saved the life of an innocent.

No, he’s not REALLY a hero. But in the eyes of the hostile, violent Leftists, he’s likely a champion of justice. He made a “statement” and so what if it cost taxpayers hundreds of millions?

And who cares if he hates cops? He’s allowed to say that, right? Freedom of speech and all that.

Yeah, well, the long arm of justice has stepped in, thankfully. The massive fire that Abdulwali will not be ignored, nor will his remarks about police officers.


Dawud Abdulwali, who said the fire was inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement and his rage against police officers, pleaded no contest to one count of arson and admitted to using an accelerant to start the blaze, according to a statement issued by the Los Angeles County district attorney’s office and reported by the Los Angeles Times.

According to local NBC affiliate in Los Angeles, Abdulwali was also ordered to pay restitution, which is expected to approach $100 million.

The late-night conflagration occurred on Dec. 7, 2014. In addition to destroying the 7-story Da Vinci apartment complex, the fire melted freeway signs and damaged local buildings.

During one of Abdulwali’s hearings, his former roommate, Edwyn Gomez reportedly told investigators that he heard Abdulwali speak with fervor about seeking vengeance for the shooting death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri in the late summer of 2014.

Cops kill my people,” and “We should go do this, we should go burn some sh*t down … We should go break some windows.’


Give it a couple of months, perhaps a year, and you’ll have Andrea Mitchell, Katie Couric, or Anderson Cooper doing a retrospective on Abdulwari, asking if his name was the reason he was singled out.

They’ll turn him into the victim, no doubt.

But in the meantime, this firebug was sentenced to 15 years in prison, but in the end will likely be given a hero’s honor by the Liberal press.

Leave it to the Liberals to place all their chips on a loser!

This is what they do. They break stuff and threaten people to get their “point” across. In brief, they’re animals.

Sources: Breitbart, NBC Los Angeles

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