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HA! Racist BLM Students Try To Bully College President – He Drops 5 Punishing Words

For most of us who traversed the public school system, we had the occasion to either be sent to the principal’s office or had to spend time in detention.

Detention for most of us was a breeze, right? You showed up, you paid your penance for an hour or so, and then you booked.

Of course, in those days, we actually had an education system that worked, that enforced discipline. Obama wasted $7 billion trying to fix the current educational mess and failed miserably.

But anyway, speaking of failing, when you failed to behave, detention was simple…but a visit to the principal was something else entirely. There was a sense of dread mixed with a feeling that you may not quite get away with playing dumb.

Once you faced the principal, male or female, you were instantly reduced to a quivering mass of Jell-O and were ready to pay reparations for your transgressions.

The same, apparently, goes for those university students who are asking to meet with the college president in order to discuss inequalities that they see in the syllabi.

Recently, a group identifying partially with the Black Lives Matter movement decided to read off a list of demands – yes, demands – for the William & Mary College to Taylor Reveley III, college president.

His response was NOT what they expected:

Louder With Crowder:

“Few people are publicly honest about what Black Lives Matter stands for… Add Taylor Reveley III, the college president [of] William & Mary to the list.

Black Lives Matter gave him a list of demands. Rather than caving, then running away crying Reveley told them to GTFO as seen on this livestream…

PROFESSOR: I don’t deal in demands.

I don’t make demands of other people. I don’t expect to receive demands from people. I love to get suggestions, recommendations, strong arguments … When you approach other people with a demand, instead of their ears opening and their spirit being unusually receptive, you get defensive walls erected.

So I think you all need to think about it.

LEFTIST #7: The suggestion thing. Interesting point. But I’m going to disagree.

PROFESSOR: That is the beauty of the First Amendment.”


In reading the entire transcript of the interaction between the students involved in the list of demands and the college president (yes, I really did read the entire 30 pages) it occurred to me that the students had actually entered the meeting thinking they were going to bully Reveley into acceding to all their demands.

You could see how ill prepared they were for this meeting, due in most part to their language and the hesitations and breaks in thought.

Reveley reduced this rabble to a mere bunch of students in a high school meeting with a principal in regards to the smoking policy; it was THAT pathetic.

They made small attempts here and there to stab at the college, only to be steered back to the original sticking point: W&M College did not have the budget that some of the other colleges had.

Therefore, their programs were not as well-funded as a Princeton or a Berkeley.

Remarkably, however, there was no denying one important aspect of this college: Its graduation rate of African-Americans was the highest among all colleges.

While agreed to by these students, they continually back-pedaled to the argument the curriculum was not African-American-friendly.

The problem with Black Lives Matter is they apparently don’t understand what racism really is, and the Trump administration is trying to educate them. Yes, they need to stop being so blatantly hypocritical.

Perhaps if you spent less time on protests, and more time on student action, the college could actually make headway with your “demands”.

Source: Louder With Crowder

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