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BOOM: Corrupt Clinton History Exposed…Hillary Is Stunned!

Remember when Republicans intoned the now famous “Character matters,” in referencing the race between Bill Clinton and Bob Dole?

It seems that Peter Schweizer, author of “Clinton Cash” agrees, but takes it one step farther.

In his interview on Monday night on the “Sean Hannity” show on Fox News Channel, Schweizer told substitute host Eric Bolling:

“[W]hether it’s the Clinton Foundation, whether it’s Bill’s speaking fees, whether it’s the e-mail scandal, when people hear about that repeatedly, it bothers them. And the Democrats don’t seem to think that it did bother people.”

Schweizer insists that just because no charges were recommended by the FBI to indict Hillary, the Clintons are guilty of multiple ethics violations. The evidence abounds and the only thing missing here was an aggressive push for an indictment because:

a) Hillary was deep in the hierarchy of the State Department
b) She was a Democrat running for president
c) The DOJ was never going to pursue charges.

Yep, the Clintons are a dirty bunch, there’s no doubt about it.

From Breitbart:

“But look, far before the hacking took place, going back into 2015, some 70 percent of the American people did not trust Hillary Clinton to be honest and trustworthy. And that has major consequences, particularly when Independents vote.”

There is no magic bullet here. All the information regarding Hillary’s emails, the Clinton Foundation, and Bill Clinton’s highly questionable speaking fees point to an easy indictment, but the special prosecutors and the governmental departments must be on the same page in order to proceed effectively.

For the time being, it appears the Clintons are just waiting with crossed fingers and bated breath.

As Schweizer says, “Corruption has consequences.”

Source: Breitbart

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