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Breaking: U.S. Border Agents Reveal One GARGANTUAN Truth About Illegal Immigration – Listen Up!

Illegal immigration isn’t merely a problem; it’s a damn catastrophe.

Despite some of President Donald Trump’s best efforts in recent months, illegals continue to flood into this country at an alarming rate.

And of course, liberals love it. If they had it their way, EVERY city would be a sanctuary city. No, scratch that…there’d be no such thing as “illegal immigration” because everyone could just wander over.

Yeah, well, this philosophy has essentially crippled a once-proud nation.

Not only have illegal aliens cost America untold millions, they have also cost us hundreds, even thousands of innocent lives. This is the reality of the problem.

And nobody knows that reality better than the U.S. border patrol. They know just how critical this issue is, and guess what? They support President Donald Trump’s proposal to build the border wall.

Per Fox News:

Border enforcement veterans told lawmakers Tuesday that fencing along the U.S.-Mexico border has been ‘absolutely critical’ in reducing violence, drug-smuggling and illegal entry — in testimony boosting President Trump’s call for a Texas-to-California wall.

Former Border Patrol deputy chief Ronald Coburn testified to the Senate Homeland Security Committee, and he cited the Yuma Border Patrol sector. It was part of Operation Jump Start, which began in 2006 with the construction of a border fence.

The result?

Before the fence, the sector recorded 2,706 drive-throughs where illegal immigrants crossed the ‘unfettered’ border with ‘contraband of drugs and people,’ Colburn said. Of those, Yuma Border Patrol captured just 13.


The rest all got away, with no idea what, or who, they brought in,’ Colburn said. ‘Yuma had become the most dangerous part of the border.

Furthermore, Coburn catalogued over 200 attacks by “border bandits,” which are basically gangs that “prey on their own,” sexually assaulting, robbing and murdering Mexican immigrants.

But after the fence was installed, the violent bandit attacks went from 200 to ZERO.

This is proof that a wall is absolutely essential. It’s also a damn good idea to implement the proposed immigration tax, which should also cut down on the number of leeches coming into this country illegally.

We need to fix this and I’m sorry, liberals, but this doesn’t involve a giant love-in. It involves walls. It involves protection.

Get used to it.

Source: Fox News

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