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U.S. Border Patrol Agent Viciously Beaten, Then The FBI Uncovers Suspect’s Terrifying Secret

Six days ago, on June 9th, a border patrol agent was found along an El Paso sector highway, severely beaten and left for dead.

As details emerged, it was revealed that a Mexican foreign national named Sergio Ivan Quinonez-Venegas with ties to the Juarez Cartel, or its enforcement arm, La Linea, was responsible.

A BOLO (Be On the Look-Out) report was issued and subsequently leaked to the media.

Breitbart gave special attention to this story and rightfully so.

There is nothing more important to Americans than the safety of Americans, which is why it’s discouraging to learn of failed security that leads to the loss of one of our own.


“The FBI is searching for a suspect in the matter of a U.S. Border Patrol agent who was found severely injured on the side of an El Paso Sector roadway after having been kidnapped.

A leaked official document and a variety of sources reveal the name and birth date of the suspect and two images of the man.

Sources operating under the umbrella of Customs and Border Protection (CBP) reveal the man is believed to have been deported three times prior, each time being allowed to leave the U.S. voluntarily without legal consequences.

The suspect is also believed by sources to have connections with the Juarez Cartel, or its enforcement arm, La Linea.”

There is still much speculation right now but here’s the source’s guess as to the reason for this horrifying crime:

“…such a personal attack on a U.S. federal agent would be out of character for Mexico-based criminal groups. In such cases, it is usually a criminal acting on their own.

In these cases, the criminal usually flees back to Mexico and the dominant cartel in the region usually murders the suspect for inviting ‘heat’ or an increased U.S. law enforcement presence, as the death of the suspect is the cartel’s only chance at keeping their trafficking corridor open.”

The published photos of this suspect will hopefully shed light quickly on his whereabouts or his current status.

Justice should be swift in this case, for the sake of this border officer. Our border patrol has thankless yet crucial jobs and we applaud every last one of them.

Source:  Breitbart

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