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BREAKING: Trump Closing In On Total Victory In Electoral Voting…Hillary Is Fading Fast!

It was the left’s last chance. And that chance is fading very, very quickly.

Today, the Electoral College votes on the future of the US presidency and as many predicted and despite the pathetic strongarm tactics of the liberals, Donald Trump has a healthy and comfortable lead.

The Hill has been keeping track of the votes cast and so far, President-elect Donald Trump 183 – 103 lead over Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, who, lest we forgot, lost the election in November.

This gap falls in line with the results of the 29 states that have already cast their Electoral College votes, and don’t forget that Trump won 306 electoral votes on Election Day, while Clinton managed only 232. And though electors aren’t constitutionally bound to stick to the public vote, there hasn’t been a mass defection in over 100 years.


And Republican electors have been turned off by the democrat plea for reversing the trend, primarily because they just can’t stand to lose. The bottom line is that after today is over, Donald Trump will be White House-bound and that’s that.

The liberals can whine and moan and complain all they want; this is pretty much over. Despite all your desperate attempts to subvert due process – mainly because you’re all a bunch of temper-tantrum-throwing kids – the people have spoken and soon, the Electoral College will have spoken as well.

Onwards and upwards! The future is bright and it’s because Hillary DIDN’T get in.

Source: The Hill

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