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After A School Bus Exploded In Flame, The Driver Had Less Than 1 Minute To Pull Off A Miracle

Sometimes, you don’t have time to think.

You just react.

And when a school bus erupted in flames in Spartanburg, South Carolina, bus driver Teresa Stroble knew she had to act, or 56 children would lose their lives.

Heroes are born every day, and their stories enrich our lives. We know our brave military members continue to make sacrifices for America, which is why we should always support their outstanding efforts.

We also know that any regular citizen can become a hero, if only he or she has the guts to act in a terrifying situation.

Stroble falls into the latter category.

As reported by Independent Journal Review citing Fox Carolina:

Teresa Stroble had 56 students from three schools in Spartanburg, South Carolina, on her bus when she was suddenly alerted to smoke coming from the back of the bus.

The bus driver immediately sprung into action.

Stroble found a way to get every child off the bus — which quickly became engulfed in flames — in under a minute.

David Porter was getting ready for work when the fire sparked near his home:

I heard the screaming and when I came outside it was an inferno and I saw no one.

There was literally nobody, not on the street, not on the side of the streets, anywhere. It was just a big bus and an inferno and all the screaming had stopped.

At the time, Porter didn’t see how anyone could’ve survived. He said, “I thought they were dead.”

Oh, but they weren’t.

And that’s because one of those everyday people became an angel of mercy for 56 innocent souls. Not long after, the students made a poster for the driver, proclaiming her their hero.

And the school superintendent also praised the driver (who is a teaching assistant as well) for “following her training, staying calm, and making the students’ safety her top priority during the frightening experience.”

See, this is what decent, courageous human beings are capable of. Makes you feel a little better about life in general, doesn’t it?

Sources: Independent Journal Review, Fox Carolina

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