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Caitlyn Jenner Wants To Do Something So Disgusting, Her Own Family Calls It A ‘Nightmare’

To those out of the loop, the most beautiful woman in the world is former Olympic decathlete Bruce Jenner.

Why ‘woman’ you may ask?

Well, you probably already know that ol’ Bruce has an issue that, until recently, was labeled a mental illness.

Thanks to the downward leftward spiral our nation is currently in, Bruce, now Caitlyn, decided to lop off his old bits and pieces so he could fully realize his dream of being an old woman.

All while receiving praise and adoration for his supposed “bravery” and “courage” in accepting who he was really born to be. It’s funny, I could’ve sworn he was born to be a gold medal Olympic athlete, but what do I know?

God/evolution screwed up, he was supposed to be a woman. And deciding, in the home-stretch of its life, to mutilate itself, is the most sane, rational decision ever–or so we’re told.

Anyway, about this Caitlyn person.

It recently decided in that perfectly functioning prefrontal cortex, that now that he was graced with the best manufactured vagina money could buy, a nude photoshoot was in order.

This rumor has been polluting the atmosphere for some time now, but thanks to the brave soldiers on the front lines of our cultural collapse, we now have confirmation– it’s on.

As reported at Right Wing News, $20,000 dollars and a shiny new vagina later, Bruce is finally prepared to bare all in what’s sure to be an important artifact to our ancestors, who, hundreds of years in the future, will use it to understand why our civilization ended up in the dustbin of history.

Surprisingly, Caitlyn’s family, which is comprised of the most useless, undeservedly rich and revered people to literally ever walk this planet, aren’t too thrilled with their mentally estranged father posing nude post-mutilation.

One of the Kardashian miscreants, Bruce’s son Brody, broke the news and provided the media with his and the family’s feelings on the matter.

They’re hoping the shoot doesn’t come to pass because taking it to that level and unveiling her (new body) with a fully naked photo spread is going way too far.”


“Gross” and “nightmare” are reactions the family has also expressed.

I can’t help but agree, albeit for some very different reasons. Frankly speaking, it’s hard to put into words the disbelief and disgust that this tranny crusade makes myself and many others feel.

It’s not hatred or intolerance, as the Left likes to pretend, it’s sorrow, pity, regret, anger, and many other feelings all rolled into one.

How did we end up here? How are we at a cultural nexus that’s pushing for, and celebrating this behavior?

When instead, we should be showing compassion and helping them overcome the issue, not playing into their delusions?

We really are living in a Bizzaro World. Right is wrong, left is right, etc. etc. It’s a nightmare all right, but there’s still time to wake from it.

However, there’s not much sand left in the hourglass…

Source: Right Wing News

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