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Horrifying: California Just Made Child Prostitution Legal…Liberals Have Gone Too Far!

What’s next on California’s agenda? Transgender protections for animals?

Let’s take a look at our handy-dandy Progressive checklist; but be careful because this might make you physically ill:

1. Criminalize bowling on the sidewalk? Check!
2. Criminalize the luring of someone to a store by playing a trumpet? Check!
3. Yield to peacocks crossing streets or driveways? Check!
4. Criminalize throwing Frisbees on beach without lifeguard’s permission? Check!
5. Criminalize driving more than 2000 sheep down Hollywood Boulevard at once? Check!
6. Animals barred from mating within 1500 feet of school or place of worship? Check!
7. Criminalize annoying lizards in city parks? Check!
8. Ban the wearing of cowboy boots unless you own at least 2 cows? Check!

Seriously?! Dead serious. Now, if that didn’t make you nauseous, this most definitely will:

Louder With Crowder:

“Californians always be banning stuff. Lawmakers in the Golden State recently banned awful “assault weapons,” out of concern for the children. Their general safety. Protecting their future, et cetera, et cetera. So it’s a little inconsistent when those same California lawmakers decide to legalize something as damaging as child prostitution. No, you’re not reading an article from The Onion. But boy do I wish you were…”

The Progressive Democrats who dominate the California legislature with a two-thirds “supermajority” have come up with possibly the most ignorant, dangerous, despicable, and truly distasteful laws that have been conceived in any civilized country in over a century. This is a literal throwback to the Dark Ages.

In a lame effort to excuse their total disregard for the lives of children, they are quick to point out that they’re still holding pimps and johns accountable for the crimes.

Well, thank goodness for small favors! All you lawmakers should line up for a participation trophy, by all means!

Louder With Crowder:

“Okay, so what the legislature is trying to do is focus on the pimps, you see. By making it legal to be a child sex worker, the ‘intention’ was to focus the full force of the law on the pimp. Leave the kids out of it, they’re just victims! You can probably hear a bleeding heart screaming at you from behind their hashtag or decorative awareness ribbon.

But as The Washington Examiner also notes, like many a leftist policy, this too falls short by ignoring reality.”

Last question for these brave legislators: Will you also excuse those who practice Sharia Law and muta (or “temporary marriage”), which, in essence, makes child prostitution legal? I mean, you really can’t go squashing someone’s religious freedom, right?

Chew on that one, California, and let me know how it tastes!

Source: Louder With Crowder

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