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Brave California Sheriff SMASHES Sanctuary Cities, INSTANTLY Pisses Off Illegal Aliens!

Leftists continue to look at Conservatives as unhinged, crazy, radical, and unreasonable.

That is, until the mirror is placed before them.

At that point, it’s quickly revealed that all these attributes clearly belong to the modern-day Democrats.

Too often, weak-willed Conservatives are pushed in the direction of capitulation to PC forces.

And too often, Progressives see this as blood in the water. Like sharks, they swarm for the kill.

So it’s nice to see Conservatives stand up in the face of widespread oppression, especially when preserving the Constitution.

Now, a very logical Sheriff – from California, no less! – has stepped up to continue the battle of common sense and logic; Donny Youngblood of Kern County is NOT a weak-willed Conservative.

Conservative Tribune:

Youngblood is planning to ask the Kern Board of Supervisors to adopt a resolution declaring the county a ‘law and order’ county, which would ensure that U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers can do their jobs without running into interference from local governments.

Youngblood said California lawmakers are considering legislation that would prevent him from cooperating with ICE agents, so he decided it was time to make his suggestion for the ‘law and order’ resolution. 

He reportedly recognized that the resolution was ‘somewhat symbolic’.”

In fact, it’s less than SOMEWHAT symbolic.

It appears that it the Kern County Counsel, Mark Nations, has already blocked the sheriff’s resolution, claiming it is outside his jurisdiction.  “He added that the resolution would have no practical or legal impact on county operations.”

While I applaud the Vietnam Veteran sheriff for his sentiments, it is somewhat confusing for him to be issuing a “resolution” that apparently has no legal teeth whatsoever.

Sheriff Youngblood opposed the California Trust Act three years ago, which restricted cooperation between local law enforcement officials and ICE agents.  That opposition seems not to have changed the situation we have today.

Perhaps a better solution would be to go full steam ahead with the breaking up of the Ninth Circus Court of Appeals in order to shatter the stranglehold monopoly that Leftists appear to enjoy within the courts.

This would allow “law and order” to once again be instituted in the states without rock solid opposition to federal immigration laws.

Trump’s administration continues to battle the criminal havens that are sanctuary cities but admittedly, we need more than “resolutions.” We need action.

Sources:  Conservative Tribune, LA Times

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