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California To Students – If You See An Immigration Officer On Campus, You’re ALLOWED TO…

Some suggest that Liberalism is in its final death throes, that the Democratic Party is in critical condition.

But as these snowflakes continue to bite the dust, the “Progressive” agenda becomes more desperate.

Never have Liberals been so politically enfeebled.

With historic losses in both the House and the Senate, as well as the governorships, statehouses, and federal judges, it is apparent to everyone but the Leftists themselves that they walk an increasingly unpopular path.

Did you see that map of the presidential election last year? Awful lot of red in there, huh?

Still, our universities are resisting the urging by the American people to enter the 21st century, to come back to community and society with relativity and common sense.

No, these “institutions of higher learning” have become so radical that law and order is completely out the window.

Right Wing News:

“The Los Angeles School Board is taking modern day liberalism to a whole new level.

They have created a mantra to not only ignore Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents also known as ICE, but to also ACTIVELY do their best to take illegal actions against them if they were to see ICE ever set foot on their school grounds.

It was a unanimous approval for a set of policies that the board members said would provide families with a much higher level of protection when it came to federal immigration raids.

Among this set of new policies it was also stated that no immigration officer will be given any permission to be on campus without first getting clearance from the superintendent of schools.

Until that happens they will be denied access to school property EVEN if they arrive with a legally valid subpoena.

This isn’t even the worst part though. They also claim that it’s the United States’ fault that we are in a ‘crappy’ condition.”

Someone needs to follow the money behind this effort.  Chances are, George Soros will be standing by, his wallet in hand.

Here’s yet another example of colleges believing they’re above the law, that they can dictate to not only their students, but to the government of the United States.

Somebody needs to take them down a peg. Or two or three.


Source:  Right Wing News

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