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WACKO: California City Declares WAR On Trump, Passes INSANE Resolution To…

Call it the gathering of the crazies.

Seriously, you’re going to read this and wonder: How do these people get elected? And once elected, how the heck do they manage to keep their offices?

They’ve already humiliated themselves in calling for President Donald Trump’s impeachment and yet, they keep stepping in their own piles of crap.

Now they’re so desperate that they actually believe they can get Trump declared legally insane. This is how low Democrats have sunk and  believe it or not, they’re just going to keep sinking lower and lower

Of course, for California, that’s par for the course.

Check this out: A local governing agency has just done something so ridiculous, it’ll make Barack Obama’s suggestion of a Russian hack of the U.S. election process look sane.

Here it is, from Breitbart:

“The city council of Richmond, California, a relative poor, industrial community on the eastern side of the San Francisco Bay, voted unanimously on Tuesday evening in favor of a resolution calling for President Donald Trump to be impeached.”

Yes, you read that right. Impeached.

As if the Democrats don’t have to hang their heads enough from all the Impeach Trump slams being slung around. Rep. Maxine Waters wants impeachment. Rep. John Lewis wants impeachment.

But Americans have come to expect the insane from those two. Now, the Richmond, California, city council gets added to the list?

Even after Trump threatened to defund the entire state due to their ridiculous antics, they’re just going to keep rebelling?

Apparently, these no-nonsense, take-no-prisoners macho councilors have had it Up To Here with the White House under Mr. Trump and have taken pen to paper – like their executive order loving hero, Barack Obama, oftentimes did – to announce as boldly as they can:

Hey, Trump, we’re mad as hell as we’re not gonna take it any more.

And Trump’s response?

Nary a tweet. That just shows how beneath the radar of sane this government body is…and they’re inching closer and closer to complete oblivion. So really, keep it up, liberals!

Source: Breitbart

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