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Child Rape Victim Breaks 14-Year Silence, Exposes SHOCKING Police Cover-Up!

It’s been described as an institutional cover-up and the scope of the problem is only now just being realized.

For the pure purposes of political correctness, a young rape victim was made out to be crazy, lying, and delusional.

And why?

To protect a horrifying criminal ring of Muslims that permeated the island nation of the United Kingdom. Rape and the Islam faith apparently go hand-in-hand around the world, and it’s tough to swallow.

In three separate cities, the Muslims in question were involved in what is referred to as a “grooming gang,” one which trapped little 11- and 12 year old girls in abandoned homes or locations and gang-raped them.

By the time the girls were old enough to go to the police, they were being told they were racist or that they somehow had brought it on themselves.

In fact, the social workers and police mimicked the sentiments of the perpetrators.

But now, a girl named Emma has come forward to tell her story to the British news and that story is sad and absolutely terrifying.


“Groomed from 12, Emma told LBC listeners she was a virgin when she was raped at age 13. 

Detailing that the rapes happened regularly, she described one occasion where she was locked in a property and sexually assaulted by multiple men.

The Muslim grooming gang then began blackmailing the young teen, and threatened to gang rape her mother if she told her parents.

Said Emma:


I actually reported my abuse 14 years ago. I went to the authorities, my parents did. I sat and gave video interviews with the police, I was willing to work with them.

“But as soon as I said the names, I was made to feel as though I was racist and I was the one who had the problem.’

In frustration, her parents finally moved her out of the area, but these rape networks continue to plague the country.

A new movie titled “Three Girls,” telling the story of three girls targeted by Pakistani and Afghani Muslims, makes absolutely no mention of Islam in the trailer in any of its press releases.

A horrible example of Liberalism’s dark and evil nature.

And you know, we never heard the term “gang rape” THIS often before countries starting opening borders to anyone and everyone. Is that a clue, Democrats…?

Source:  Breitbart

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