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Children’s Hospital Hires Muslim Lab Tech…Then The UNTHINKABLE Happens – HORRIFYING

When will people learn that following the tenets of Liberalism only leads to depravity, poverty, injustice, humiliation, self-loathing and even death.

We’re not even talking about Democrats here, either.

And we’re not talking about despicable random acts of inhuman horror, which is always difficult to stop.

We’re talking about normal, everyday, hard-working Americans who follow Political Correctness due to shaming, bullying, or being forced by corporate edicts, the result of dirty “Progressive” edicts.

The shame of it all is that these corporations that are knowingly, but unwisely, doing the bidding of the Liberals are endangering the people who are enlisting their services.

MAD World News:

“When a Texas children’s hospital was interviewing for a technician position, they purposefully overlooked one applicant’s religion in order to remain politically correct and indiscriminate.

However, as soon as they discovered what he’d been doing to helpless patients, they immediately regretted the Muslim man.

The left assures us that if we’ll only tolerate and embrace Islam, Muslims will reciprocate [with] gratitude and peace. Unfortunately, no amount of respect and acceptance will convince them to abandon their core beliefs and the commands of their holy book, which exude hatred, oppression, and violence.”

Muhammad Ali has been charged with and convicted of having molested at least 7 teenaged girls. The only reason that he had been discovered in these horrible acts was that 5 of the 7 had bravely come forward to relate their stories.

More from MAD World News:

“Disturbingly, Ali was placed on administrative leave after 6 young girls confessed to having suffered sexual abuse while in his care. Ali wasn’t terminated until just prior to his arrest in January 2016, shortly after officials opened an investigation.

Sadly, many cases involving Muslim criminals in the medical field go relatively unnoticed and unpunished.”

Over the past few years, a growing number of such cases have occurred; anything from performing illegal Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) to the ignoring of seizuring patients in order to pray to Allah.

And Muslims aren’t stopping; their infiltration is very real, as one poor teacher found out a few weeks ago.

What this says about our culture is that we are over-the-top tolerant of Muslim criminology to the point where we’re becoming enablers of this illegal behavior.

The Leftists say that we must cave in to their demands in order to be a more tolerant society. But in doing so, are we merely opening ourselves up to greater immorality.

If we stand idly by and allow Liberalism to set the agenda of ourselves, our government, our corporations, and our places of worship, then we are accomplices to the very atrocities that we abhor and consider in other societies to be barbaric.

Source: MAD World News

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